March 2017

Types of Shoring and Their Uses

27 Mar 2017, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Forms

Shoring is used to temporarily support structures that are compromised, need to be repaired, or are in the process of being built. Equipment must be strong and in good repair to keep the structure stable and safe for workers above, below, and around the work…

5 Key Elements of Successful Single-Sided Construction

20 Mar 2017, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Forms Tips

Single-sided construction, otherwise known as blindsided construction, makes building in difficult locations possible. These locations usually consist of concrete forming in urban areas where the concrete structure being built butts right up to another surface. This surface forms the blindside of the form, with just…

Safer Sidewalks: De-Icing Concrete is Here

13 Mar 2017, Posted by F.A. in News

Winter weather can be hazardous — just ask anyone who’s had a moment of panic when their car skids on ice, or felt their feet go out from under them on a snowy sidewalk. Hitting a patch of ice is scary on its own, but…

Should you Rent Your Shoring Equipment?

06 Mar 2017, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Facts

In the concrete forming industry, businesses are often faced with the question of whether to buy or rent their shoring equipment. There are many factors that can make both options profitable, depending on the circumstances. Knowing what’s best for your business could mean the difference…