June 2020

What Qualities Should I Look for In a Construction Supplier?

17 Jun 2020, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Facts

As an industrial builder, you’re always looking for the best suppliers of concrete wall forms and subcontractors that align ultimately with your budget but also with your expectations for quality work. There are certain qualities and attributes to look out for when partnering with other…

How Natural Materials Are Revolutionizing Construction

10 Jun 2020, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Facts

A breakthrough in research by biochemists at the University of Colorado may change the way buildings are made forever. We know construction projects require forms and concrete formwork ties, but what about using living, biological materials? Read on below to learn how bacteria is joining…

Why Are Schools Today So Expensive to Build?

03 Jun 2020, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Forms

There has been a significant upward trend in recent years related to building costs for schools. Rising costs are being impacted most by the construction industry, economy, labor force, and price of materials for things like concrete wall forms. By comparing square foot averages over…