July 2020

Utilizing Volcanic Ash To Create a Greener Concrete

15 Jul 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

In Japan, concrete construction is seeing new improvements through an unlikely source: volcanic ash. With sand becoming more and more scarce, a couple of universities and firms have realized the potential of utilizing ash to create greener concrete. This choice is not only environmentally friendly,…

Which College Degrees Lead to the Most Money in Construction?

08 Jul 2020, Posted by F.A. in Tips

There are many colleges and universities that offer degrees in construction. What exactly are college students in the construction field learning? These students are learning about building materials, project coordination, concrete shoring, blueprint reading and technology applying to the management of construction operations. Construction programs…

How Construction Firms Are Continuing Work During the Pandemic

05 Jul 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

With the coronavirus bringing the nation to a halt, many companies have opted for working remotely and interacting with clients, co-workers, and other business personnel via virtual conference calls. The construction industry, including those which offer plywood for sale, however, has had no simple alternatives…