August 2020

3 Ways to Adapt Your Construction Business During Covid-19

13 Aug 2020, Posted by F.A. in Tips

COVID-19 has caused changes to the construction industry and experts say many of them will remain even after the virus recedes. Adapting quickly is the best way to prompt a successful move forward. Perhaps COVID-19 has caused your company to lose a lot of workers…

How AI and Robots Could Change the Construction Industry

10 Aug 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

In the age of technology, artificial intelligence is benefiting more and more lives every day. Businesses and entire industries are also being transformed by the use of automation, learning technology, and the precision and accuracy of robots. Historically, the construction industry has relied on hands-on,…

Will the Construction Industry See Gen Z Join Its Workforce?

03 Aug 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

Career choices have changed throughout each generation based on their values and experiences. Each year there are more and more young people joining the labor force. Those born in 2000, known as Gen Z, are now 20 years old and are either going to college…