October 2020

4 Reasons Why Construction Documentation is Important During COVID-19

30 Oct 2020, Posted by F.A. in Tips

Like many other sectors, the construction industry has had to adapt in response to COVID-19. Construction sites implement additional safety measures to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Owners, investors, and stakeholders are more concerned about the economy and how the coronavirus…

Why Lumber Prices Are at an All-Time High

23 Oct 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

COVID-19 is putting a tremendous strain on construction. Firm leaders and contractors across the country are feeling the effects. Concrete form suppliers are also feeling stifled. The next time you go scouting for concrete formwork ties, you may notice that lumber has a much higher…

Restaurant Drive-Thru Construction in Higher Demand in 2020

14 Oct 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

You may find yourself searching for used concrete forms for sale and other supplies if you’ve been recently hired to do a construction job for a restaurant company. Restaurant construction is seeing an increase in projects, which is good news for construction firms and contractors…