April 2021

How to Find a New Concrete Forms Supplier

21 Apr 2021, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Forms, Tips

When starting a construction project, you want to make sure you are using the best and most reliable materials and vendors. You’re building a structure meant to last and this relies on choosing quality suppliers, rather than something easy or familiar. Of course, sometimes accidents…

How Residential Booms Are Changing the Construction Game

14 Apr 2021, Posted by F.A. in News

Plaza Construction is a construction management firm based out of New York City that has spent recent years focusing on commercial construction projects. Now, they are relaunching their luxury division, Plaza Homes, in order to meet the surging demand in the residential sectors, as well…

How Would a Change in Minimum Wage Affect the Construction Industry?

07 Apr 2021, Posted by F.A. in Tips

The minimum wage has been in the news often lately. A failed provision in the latest Coronavirus relief package proposed a change to $15 an hour- the first change since it was raised to $7.25 in 2009. However, all indications are that Democrats in Congress…