Gang Forming Systems

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Wall formwork crane-handled

The Logik® panel system for crane handling produces up to 1250 psf concrete pressure resistance from a strong panel. The panel frames are surface-finished with a hot-dip galvanizing to give longevity and lower maintenance, resulting in reduced costs. Manufactured to tight tolerances, panels are clamped rigidly together with a unique alignment and locking clamp with a single hammer blow.

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Rapid Clamp™ (Alisply)

Gangform System

The Rapid Clamp system is a high-strength concrete forming system (1250 psf) designed for fast-paced gangform operations. It has the strength required for the large contact areas and fast pour rates common in large gangform applications.

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Concrete Formwork Gang Form System | Forming America

Concrete Formwork Horizontal Gang System | Forming America

Horizontal Steel-Ply® Gangs

Horizontal Steel-Ply gang forms utilize vertical steel walers. This permits the use of high capacity Taper Ties or She‑Bolts. Horizontal Steel-Ply gangs can be assembled using a variety of panels in a “brick” pattern layout.  Steel-Ply gangs are rated at 1000 psf.

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