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With over 30 years of experience, Forming America, Ltd. is the number one concrete form renovator in the US.

Forming America has over 30 years of experience in concrete form renovation with capabilities in renovating various forming and shoring systems. Our dedication to refining our craft and ensuring that our customers are satisfied has made us the number one concrete form renovator in the US. We are capable of renovating many different forming and shoring systems, and our renovation process consistently produces “like new” results.

Our Concrete Formwork Renovation Process

Formwork Transport

We have your used formwork delivered directly to our yard and have it shipped directly back to you after the renovation process is complete. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your old worn and damaged formwork to be returned, fully renovated and ready to use.

Plywood Removal

We begin our formwork renovation process by stripping the old plywood off of the steel frames. Some formwork renovation companies will patch up old plywood and re-apply it to the frames. We replace old plywood with brand new plywood on every frame, ensuring maximum durability and significantly extending the lifespan of your formwork.


Once the old plywood has been removed, we begin the process of blasting off all of the residual concrete and paint, taking the frame down to bare steel. This process also allows us to thoroughly inspect the frame for damage or other irregularities that could compromise the functionality of the frame.

Straightening and Welding

During our inspection, we check all rails and tabs for cracks, warping and broken pieces. The frames will then either be set aside to be fixed or marked as damaged beyond repair. The frames that have been approved for repair are then straightened and welded, as needed, and prepared for a fresh coat of paint.


Repaired and prepped frames are dip coated in high-quality paint in a color of your choice. The freshly painted frames are then set aside until the paint
has cured.


Once the newly painted frames have cured, they are ready for the installation of new plywood. We provide a variety of plywood options. You can choose the type, thickness, and grade of the plywood to customize your formwork. In addition, custom modifications to standard systems are available. Once the renovation process is complete, we ship your formwork back to you; ready to be put to work.

Trust Your Formwork Renovation to Forming America

Many formwork renovation companies claim that they fully renovate forms, but they typically only perform a fraction of the renovation process we follow. We have fixed forms “renovated” by competitors that came to us with pieces twisted, bent, missing and badly welded. In many cases, the renovation process appeared to have involved simply removing and replacing the old plywood. While this is a good place to start, it doesn’t address any of the additional issues that could weaken the structure of the form.

Our renovated forms come to you in virtually new condition because we strip each form down to its bare steel base and skillfully straighten and repair the frame until it is comparable to a brand new frame, direct from the manufacturer. From that point forward, we essentially follow the process of building a brand new form.

When you trust Forming America to renovate your concrete formwork, you can rest assured that your forms will be subjected to our rigorous quality control standards. We have a reputation for the highest quality products and customer service in the concrete formwork renovation industry for a reason. And that’s a reputation we intend to maintain. If you have used concrete formwork in need of renovation or just want more information about our renovation process, contact us today.

// Forming America, Your Concrete Forming and Shoring Experts. From Start to Finish.

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