Symons Steel-Ply

Symons Steel-Ply Concrete Forming System

Symons Steel-Ply concrete forming system is the world’s preferred forming system, and has been in use for over a century now. With architects scaling new heights, and structures being built taller than ever before, Symons Steel-Ply can be traced back to some of the most iconic structures around the globe.

Symons Steel-Ply offers great versatility due to its design. It is a reusable and pre-engineered, concrete forming system, which is factory built for high productivity.

Symons Steel-Ply can be utilized for any type of stoop, haunch, concrete pedestal, or culvert. Additionally, it can also be used to make ‘Y’ walls – be it straight, curved, or battered. Symons Steel-Ply is successful as a concrete forming system, because essentially, any shape can be made through the combination of different filler sizes or panels, and aligning them horizontally or vertically.

Symons Steel-Ply system makes use of cross-members and robust steel rails, combined with Symons’ superior layup ½ inch HDO plywood – which provides a psf rating of 1000, for a safety factor of 2:1.

Such unique formwork enhances productivity; drastically reducing the amount of time required to tie the formwork as opposed to a standard job-built formwork.

Symons Steel-Ply comprises of over 80 filler sizes and standard panels. The ties, panels, and fillers are connected with the wedge bolts in a single operation – which further simplifies the task of erecting and removing the formwork.

Furthermore, setting up a Symons Steel-Ply forming system requires no designated set of tools or special equipment. Unlike other forming systems, all a Symons Steel-Ply concrete forming system requires is a carpenter’s hammer for the wedge bolts.

Advantages Of Using Symons Steel-Ply Concrete Forming System

The Steel-Ply forming system can form walls of almost any shape or size with formations for special, customized structures. Symons Steel-Ply system trumps other job-built plywood formwork systems in productivity and effectiveness.


The easy to set and easy to strip feature of Symons Steel-Ply concrete forming system saves valuable time for users. No measuring, nailing, or drilling is required for the forming system to be set up.

That, in turn, decreases the need for any training for employees and on-site workers to enable them to use the forming system. With little to no training required, workers are constantly functioning at maximum efficiency.

Material Efficient

Conventional job-built formworks need to be tailored for each specific concrete pour. In stark contrast, Symons Steel-Ply forming system provides a vast variety of standard sizes which can be further combined to design any possible structure and dimension.

Additionally, Symons Steel-Ply fillers and panels are made up of specially laminated plywood which is mounted on rough, rugged steel frames. The added stability of the materials used makes the Steel-Ply structure re-usable, up to 200 times, before being re-plyed for further use.

Such stability and re-usability reduce material acquisition costs significantly compared to job-built formworks.

Increased Job-Site Safety

Although the Steel-Ply forming systems and dimensions keep changing according to the task at hand, the basic methods and components of the system remain the same. The laminated plywood panels are strong and provide stability, alongside tightly fitted side rails that produce a high endurance concrete surface.

Symons Steel-Ply structure is designed keeping the strength factor in mind – a vital component of job-site safety.

Forming America

Forming America is a concrete forming and shoring equipment company based in West Chicago. We specialize in selling, renting, and renovating Symons Steel-Ply forms and accessories.
Our rental services include high-quality blueprint take-offs, safe and secure equipment delivery to your job site, and expert forming consultation.

Our experienced form renovation department is equipped to completely recondition your forming, shoring, and scaffolding equipment – back to the original specifications of the respective equipment. From blasting, welding, and straightening the equipment, to painting and re-plying the Steel-Ply concrete forming system panels – we cover everything according to our clients’ individual needs.

Apart from our renowned Symons Steel-Ply forms and accessories, we also deal in European crane set clamp forms and residential forms. Additionally, we provide robust scaffolding and shoring equipment.