Single Side/ Blind Side

Forming America exists to partner with you in the concrete forming industry. Part of this partnership is getting you the tools you need for the job. Single side/Blindside applications can be tricky and require additional setup. That’s why we carry a complete line of forming equipment especially for Single Side/ Blindside applications. This allows you as a forming company to spend your time efficiently, set up the right forms and focus on getting your project done.  With Forming America it’s about having the right tools exactly when you need them. Below is a showcase of a number of different offerings from Forming America for blindsided wall systems.

Seawolf Blind Side Wall Forming System

Concrete Formworks Wall Forms | Forming America


Forming America is the sole provider of the Seawolf Blindsided Wall Forming System.  The Seawolf™ System utilizes Symons Steel-Ply™ modular concrete forms for the exposed concrete face and plywood on the inaccessible side.

This unique approach to one sided wall forming eliminates the need for “weld-on” ties, concrete/rock/wood anchors, or “A-frame” supports.  The benefit of using this system results in dramatic labor and equipment savings.

The finished product is a remarkably straight wall at a remarkably low cost.  Forming America can provide: modular forms for rent or purchase, discounted used quality plywood, and the unique “torpedo ties” for a complete blindsided wall system.  (Rebar by contractor)

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Concrete Formwork Accessories | Forming America


Rock anchors used in sound rock or concrete allows one-sided forming of walls or similar applications to be completed quickly and economically.  The rock anchor is threaded onto the coil rod until the rod hits the backstop of the anchor.  The plastic retaining sleeve is removed and the rock anchor/coil rod assembly is placed into the bore hole.  The assembly is installed so that the anchor backstop “bottoms” in the bore hole.  Tightening the coil rod will draw the anchor wedges forward to expand the anchor’s shell.

For anchoring into wood piling, Forming America can provide lag bolts and suitable anchoring hardware.  For steel applications, “weld-on” anchors are available.

Concrete Formwork Accessories Concrete Anchor | Forming America

Concrete Formworks Waler System | Forming America


Steel Channel Waler

These one-sided wall forming components are designed to fit the 5″ or 8″ walers used with most forming systems.  However, some of the systems require the use of a sill (1½”) to position and connect walers to formwork as an assembly.  If the waler assembly and the forms are lifted separately, a waler connection (positive connection) is not necessary.

Symons Soldier

Standard form systems, such as Steel-Ply®, Alisply™, Rapid Clamp™, or Versiform can be combined with Symons Soldiers to create a tieless concrete forming scheme for one-sided wall forming, offering substantial savings in time and labor costs.  Hardware and accessories, including One Sided Brackets and Jack Brackets, simplify assembly and adjustments for one-sided wall forming applications.

A Complete Concrete Approach to Forming

We carry a comprehensive lineup for your Blindside/Oneside needs, but it’s not just about being your supplier. We pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with our clients, and that means being there to help you through your project challenges.

We don’t just supply you with the tools you need, but also provide blueprint takeoffs and consultation. This isn’t just a one-sided relationship. We take a hands-on approach, refurbing and repairing forming equipment so that you can focus on what you do best–building for the future. We would love the opportunity to quote your forming needs for Singleside/Blindside application. With our timely delivery and pickup, we will help keep your projects on time and on budget.