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Forming America is your one-stop source for concrete wall forms and shoring equipment. We specialize in Symons Steel-Ply forms and accessories.

In our more than 30 years of experience, we’ve seen concrete wall form systems continue to improve over the years. Today we are glad to be able to offer a variety of systems that provide a wide range of concrete construction solutions that can be chosen to suit your development project needs.

Forming America Offers the Following Concrete Forming Products:


Forming America, Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of renovated Steel-Ply Forms. With our perfected renovation process and our large inventory, we are proud to offer the highest quality and most competitive prices in the industry. In addition to our renovated product, we also sell new and good used grades of Steel-Ply. We can handle orders of any size and will gladly expedite production to meet our customers’ deadlines. Whether you are a contractor or a dealer, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase.

For form rentals, delivery, and form renovation service, see our services page.


Forming America carries a wide variety of shoring options, featuring:

20K® Heavy duty steel shoring system – The most universally used shoring system in the industry.

20KA® Heavy duty aluminum shoring system – Lightweight aluminum frames for specialized applications

Pro-Shore – Has all the benefits of a European design coupled with features and components fine-tuned by domestic builders.

Pro-Deck – Uses the same posts and ledgers as the Pro-Shore System

DeckFast™ – A highly productive, two‑component slab form system. Just two basic components means superior labor savings and forming productivity.

GASS® – Developed utilizing the extensive experience gained by working on some of the largest and most demanding construction jobs worldwide. This “next generation” aluminum shoring system is the result of that experience.

SPANALL® Horizontal Shoring System – Maximizes the allowable load potential of vertical shoring support systems and keeps the deck wide open for worker access.

Single Side/Blind Side Concrete Wall Forms

Forming America is the sole provider of the Seawolf Blindsided Wall Forming System.  The Seawolf™ System utilizes Symons Steel-Ply™ modular concrete forms for the exposed concrete face and plywood on the inaccessible side. This unique approach to one-sided wall forming eliminates the need for “weld-on” ties, concrete/rock/wood anchors, or “A-frame” supports, which results in dramatic labor and equipment savings.

Gang Systems

Forming America offers several types of gang systems to meet the needs of different gangform applications. These include Sym-ply, LOGIK® crane handled wall formwork, Rapid Clamp™ (Alisply) and Horizontal Steel-Ply® Gangs.


Forming America offers a wide variety of formwork accessories including:

HD S-Panel Ties

X Flat Ties

S-Base Ties

Wedge Bolts

One Piece Waler Clamps

Z Tie Holders & Waler Ties

J-Strongback Hooks

Strongback Ties

Scaffold Brackets

Turnbuckle Form Aligners

Pipe Form Aligners

Used Plywood

Forming America sells a variety of used plywood that has been removed from concrete forming equipment. The grade of plywood we offer is mostly HDO (high-density overlay) manufactured in North America with some European Birch mixed in.

The most common thickness of our used plywood is 1/2″. These are available as 2′ wide panels (23-1/4″) sheets packaged in bundles of (100) or in mixed “filler” bundles with widths ranging from 12″-22″. Also available are plywood sheets with metric thicknesses such as 15mm (approximately 5/8″), or 10.5mm (approximately ⅜”).

Top Quality Products and Top Quality Service

At Forming America, we pride ourselves on observing a standard of excellence in product quality and customer service. From purchasing to on-site delivery, we are here to meet all of your concrete wall form needs.