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Concrete Forms Tips

3 Benefits of Using Renovated Concrete Forms

Concrete forms serve a pretty basic, but vital, purpose. They’re used in construction projects all over the world. In fact, it’s very likely that the building you’re in now used them during construction. Unfortunately, due to the strain that purpose puts on them, they also tend to wear out fairly quickly.

Plywood forms are especially likely to wear out after repeated use. Replacing them with new forms is expensive and used forms are unreliable. So what is the solution? Fortunately, concrete form renovation can  give these forms new life fairly easily. But how is that better than buying new or used formwork?

3 Reasons to Use Renovated Formwork

Reliably Extends Form Life

Benefits- Of Renovated Formwork | Forming AmericaThe most obvious benefit of concrete formwork renovation is that it extends the life of the form. As a form is used, the alkalinity of the concrete wears away at the plywood face. When the plywood face gets worn, the finished concrete face is produced becomes less smooth. During renovation, the worn plywood is removed and replaced with fresh, smooth faced plywood; which means your form will continue to produce a better finished product for longer.

Then there is the frame to consider. The strain of handling repeated pours can cause the frame of a form to crack or bend. A small crack or bend will be corrected and repaired during renovation. If left alone, the small crack or bend will become more severe and the frame will be damaged beyond repair. If the crack or bend is caught early enough and repaired you could double the lifespan of your formwork.

Saves Money

With renovated formwork, you get the performance of new formwork at a much lower cost. A reputable formwork renovator will tear your formwork down to bare metal and rebuild it from scratch. The end result of this attention to detail is that you get the reliability of new formwork for nearly the cost of used formwork. You can also customize your formwork during renovation, making it a convenient way to organize forms by age which keeps older forms out of circulation and reduces the chance of a blow-out.

Environmentally Sustainable

Formwork renovation allows the used steel frames to remain in circulation for much longer, which means they aren’t just sitting around collecting rust in a dump. It also lessens the need for the production of new steel frames; a process that produces a significant amount of environmentally damaging pollution. Additionally, the used plywood removed from steel frames during renovation can be repurposed; meaning fewer trees needed for the production of wood that these scraps can easily replace.

Find a Formwork Renovator You Can Trust

When it comes to renovated formwork, craftsmanship matters. Not all formwork renovation companies are the same. If all they do is remove and replace the plywood, move on.

A high-quality renovation should produce formwork that’s nearly as good as new. That means that the original formwork should be stripped down to the bare metal, repaired and rebuilt. If you have formwork that needs renovation or you just want to learn more about the benefits of renovated formwork, contact us today.

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