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3 Things Workers Need After Witnessing a Construction Accident

Not all construction accidents can be avoided due to the risk associated with this type of work. However, even though they’re fairly common, it seems that workers who witness these incidents often go neglected and without care.

Forming America, who specializes in concrete forms for sale, wants to raise awareness for workers who have not gotten what they need emotionally and financially after a construction accident. Here are 3 things workers need after witnessing a construction incident.

1. Emotional Support Following a Construction Accident

Emotional support is often neglected in employees who were involved in construction accidents. Managers, supervisors, and company officials are quick to reach out to the family of the worker who was hurt or killed, but the workers indirectly involved are forgotten about and not checked up on.

There are many stories of accident deaths from a co-worker running over another, or one associate mishandling equipment that harms another. Often, all care and support go to the victim or the victim’s family – which they rightfully deserve. However, many people are unaware of how traumatic these events can be on the worker who “caused” or was a bystander in the accident.

Guilt and shame can pile up if no actions are taken to support an involved party. There is one account of a worker who was plagued with guilt after running over a coworker by accident, that he ended up taking his own life.

Men especially in the construction industry need special care. Oftentimes, they are put under immense pressure and are expected to neglect their feelings. The unfortunate reality is they won’t reach out for emotional support, but it’s important to provide outlets for their emotions. Not rushing them back to work after an accident is important, too.

Accidents are intense events, and avoiding the emotional aftermath only makes them that much harder to bear. Talking to all parties involved and giving them the emotional support they need will go a long way in protecting your staff and the company.

2. Have A Crisis Plan Ready to Implement

Before an accident ever occurs, you can be proactive with an emergency plan ready to implement for your team. Doing this before an accident occurs will remove guess work and emotional decision-making if a tragedy actually occurs.

As far as how to make a crisis plan, think of resources your employees could utilize in how to process an accident, death, and tragedy. Health resources for depression and mental illnesses are all over the internet, so find one that meets the needs of your organization. It might also be a good idea to look at resources for suicide prevention. You never know what someone is dealing with and going through.

That being said, prep your team for how to interact with coworkers during and after an incident. You should also educate your team on how to spot signs of depression and post-traumatic stress.

Even going out of your way to bring in therapists, pastors, or health educators will be appreciated by your staff. Sometimes people can’t open up with authorities or even loved ones. Bringing someone in who can talk to workers about mental health (and be confidential) is important and will be a great resource to your staff.

3. Financial Support & Compensation

Nothing says “I care for you” more than putting your money where your mouth is. Offering compensation to employees involved in construction accidents is important to them.

A person may deal with post-traumatic stress, anxiety, physical injuries, and many other mental problems following an accident. Rather than having your associate file a lawsuit and stir up a public scene, it’d be far better to offer compensation up front. This reflects the company’s image and shows that you truly are sympathetic for what the employees endured.

It’s important that the company isn’t taken advantage of, though. Review your state’s guidelines for workman’s comp to see what constitutes emotional distress, mental health affliction, and physical injuries.

Your employees will be grateful if you can offer them these services the next time an accident occurs. It shows that the company cares for their wellbeing, and it’ll save time, stress, energy, and heartache overtime.

We at Forming America make sure that our employees are well taken care of. Contact us for your construction needs!

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