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4 Reasons Why Construction Documentation is Important During COVID-19

Like many other sectors, the construction industry has had to adapt in response to COVID-19. Construction sites implement additional safety measures to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. Owners, investors, and stakeholders are more concerned about the economy and how the coronavirus will impact their holdings. When combined with traditional hazards and issues with construction projects such as builder safety, resource materials like concrete form rentals and concrete formwork ties, and now with the coronavirus, taking on a new project and shepherding it to completion require complex, elaborate procedures.

Because of this, construction documentation is important during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is not hyperbole to say that a construction project can be doomed to failure if daily documentation is not gathered and disseminated.

Routine Documentation Deliveries Provide Status Updates to Owners

A combination of daily logs, pictures that demonstrate the project’s status, and field reports will keep the owner, the investors, and other stakeholders informed of the project’s status. Daily status reports will also allow stakeholders to respond in a timely manner; a concern or problem raised after a daily update is far easier to address than a problem raised near the end of the project. Daily documentation will also inform stakeholders about any potential delays, the causes of the delays, and ways to mitigate the lost costs and time associated with the problem.

Routine Documentation Keeps Tabs on Project Costs

Whether costs are anticipated, unplanned, or outside the scope of the project, costs and budgeting should have a solid paper trail. This will make it easy for the construction managers to track trends, monitor accounts, and notify the owner in case of budget shortfalls or similar problems. Daily updates will also allow stakeholders and construction crews to react quickly to money shortages, supply shortages, and unexpected expenses.

Accepted Documentation Lowers the Risk of Lawsuits

Documentation such as plans and schedules prior to the beginning of the project and regular status updates during the project to establish a solid and legal trail. When two or more parties are in disagreement regarding labor performed or costs incurred, an accurate set of documentation could resolve the issue and prevent litigation. Complete documentation will also ensure that the construction crew is paid in a timely manner after the work is complete – or give the construction crew legal recourse if payment is late or withheld.

Virtual Tours Will Often Replace Physical Tours

Restrictions designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 may also keep stakeholders off of the project site. In these instances, routine documentation is vital to provide visual information. Whether it be through timestamped photos or a virtual tour administered by an on-site foreman, visual documentation will fill the gaps left by written reports alone. Visual documentation will also allow the construction crew to catch details and hazards that might have been missed upon first inspection.

Forming America Can Help a Project Preserve Its Budget

Delays and material shortages can endanger a project, but Forming America has a variety of ways to help keep costs under budget and timelines honored. Our company offers a comprehensive line of concrete forms and the supplies necessary to work with them. We also have a rental fleet for transportation of materials and debris. Our professionals can perform consultations on your job site to determine which types of concrete forms are the best solution. For convenience, we offer our clients the choice between having the supplies picked up at our location or delivered to the construction site. Finally, we stand by our concrete forms and assure that they will meet your project’s needs.

For more information about our services, COVID-19 safety guidelines, or advice on construction documentation, contact us today!

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