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4 Tips for Hiring Construction Subcontractors

The construction industry is highly collaborative due to the fact that it encompasses so many different trades. Putting up a building requires experts in constructing the structure, wiring, plumbing, heating and air, and more.

Your crew may have someone on hand who can cover several of these tasks, but you’re likely going to need to subcontract for some of them. Lining up your subcontractors is something you want to do early in the project, even before you start buying materials or looking for concrete forms for sale.

You do want to make sure you hire a reputable, experienced subcontractor, however. Here are a few tips that will help you do just that.

Know Where to Find Subcontractors

Chances are, you can do a basic internet search for your area and the type of subcontractor you want and find dozens, if not hundreds, of options. The problem is that some of these subcontractors aren’t people you would want to hire.

Don’t go looking on Craigslist, social media, or other general sites. Instead, go to trade organizations. Serious subcontractors will be a part of these groups or will look at their websites regularly.

Many of these trade organizations also give construction crews and general contractors a forum to post that they’re looking for subcontractors. Professionals will then submit bids to you, just like you submitted a bid for the project.

You will want to carefully go through these proposals and select a few subcontractors to interview before determining who you want to hire.

Understand Their Workload Capabilities

You don’t want to hire a subcontractor who only has two employees if you’re building a large 40-floor office building. There’s most likely too much work there for two people to do and still complete the job on time.

Before you hire, you want to make certain they understand the scale of the project and that you have a good grasp of their capabilities. Remember that hiring a subcontractor is supposed to help alleviate putting too much stress on your own team. If you hire someone who can’t handle the job, the outcome will be the opposite.

Make Sure Everyone Knows the Requirements of the Job

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that they have everything needed to complete the job. You may find out that they don’t own certain pieces of equipment or tools that are needed on the job site.

Go over the entire project and what you expect the subcontractor to do. Discuss equipment and material needs, and clearly state if you plan on providing any equipment to the subcontractor. If you do, make sure they know exactly what you have and what they will need to provide themselves. All of this should be spelled out in your contract, too.

Ask About Their Certifications

This should probably be a given, but it’s vital that you know what your subcontractors are certified to do and what experience they have. Ask for references or their portfolio of work and make certain you check on their certifications before hiring them. You’re looking for someone with specialized knowledge, so you want to be sure that’s what you’re getting.

Also, be sure you ask them to submit their safety records, including OSHA records. You don’t want someone working for you who has a history of creating unsafe job sites.

Let Us Help with the Materials

While we may not be able to assist you in hiring subcontractors, Forming America is here to help you get the right concrete forming and shoring equipment for the job. Contact us today to discuss your needs and how we can meet them.

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