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Concrete Forms Tips

5 Tips for Small Concrete DIY Projects 

Concrete forming doesn’t have to be limited to big projects. The following tips are ideal for enjoying concrete forming on a smaller scale. From experimenting with your own concrete mixes to renting concrete forms for backyard building projects, these DIY tips will make sure you’re prepared.

Making Your Own Concrete

(DIY Difficulty – MEDIUM)

Making your own concrete for small home projects can be very rewarding, and it’s easier than you might think. Concrete is essentially just a mix of sand, aggregate and cement. The key is getting the ratios correct.

Make sure the sand is clean. The aggregate, made of crushed rocks or gravel, should be course. The aggregate will make up one-quarter or less the thickness of the total mix. The final element (aside from water) is cement. Cement is typically made of clay, lime and kiln-fired ingredients. When choosing cement for your mix, look for type-1 cement.

Depending on the type of project you’re working on, you may need to include additives, which will affect the way the concrete sets, freezes, thaws. Different regions and conditions require specific additives.

Deciding When to Rent Concrete Forms

(DIY Difficulty – EASY)

Renting concrete forms is an effective solution when you’re not sure how many forms you’ll need, or if the project is a small, one-time event.

High traffic areas, like driveways, walkways and patios, require precise forming. Concrete form rental provides a quick, low maintenance and affordable alternative to purchasing formwork. And many formwork rental companies will provide assistance with project planning and offer free delivery and pickup.

Concrete Resurfacing

(DIY Difficulty – HARDER)

Concrete overlays allow you to change the color, texture or pattern of any concrete. Refinish old floors, add flair to outdoor pavement, and even replace wooden decks with concrete and create new designs. In many cases, interior and exterior overlaid concrete floor upgrades can increase the resale value of your home.

Custom Concrete Fixtures

(DIY Difficulty – HARDER)

Considering upgrading your home’s fixtures? The sink, vanity and even your bathtub can be formed from concrete.  Properly sealed, concrete is waterproof, doesn’t attract mold and is easy to maintain, making it a wonderful way to enhance your most water-filled room.

Creating Concrete Decor

(DIY Difficulty – EASY)

Aside from the big home improvement projects, you can also craft small decorative items for your home and yard. Basic molds are easy to create and allow you to invent almost any shape that you can imagine. With quick drying concrete (15 minutes!) you’ll be able to create all kinds of helpful household items – like drawer pulls, vases and even concrete lamps. Just remember to seal it if you plan to use it with water after it cures.

These are just a few things to consider when planning small concrete projects. For more information on new and used forms for big and small projects alike, contact Forming America or call  1-888-993-1304.

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