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Concrete Forms Tips

7 Tips for Efficient Concrete Construction

Concrete construction is always on a timetable determined by the properties of the concrete as it cures. Since so much is determined by the readiness of concrete, it is important to be as prepared as possible, so that concrete’s timetable doesn’t turn into a time crunch.

Planning is an important part of this and should be considered when seeking concrete forms for sale. Planning goes a long way when it comes to concrete construction.

Here are seven tips for efficient construction during your next job.

Steps to Efficiency in Concrete Construction

Be Prepared for Concrete Delivery

When forming concrete, the minute the cement truck arrives at the job it’s all hands on deck. Make sure that all the placing equipment is set and that your crew is ready with all the tools that they need.

Work According to Equipment Specifications

When using pre-engineered formwork, make sure that you follow manufacturer specifications. The same goes for shoring equipment and proper working loads. The safety of your crew is at stake, so don’t cut corners. There are plenty of other areas you can save money.

Don’t Use Shoring or Forming Equipment That Is Warped or Cracked

Imperfections in formwork or shoring equipment can be easily overlooked. However, something easy to fix before the concrete sets up can cost countless hours in surface repair once everything is done. When it comes to concrete, doing it right the first time always puts you ahead.

Making Concrete Formwork Efficient

Ensure Formwork Is in the Right Spot

Once you pour the concrete into the form, moving it is impossible. Take time to make sure it is in the right spot on the front end of the job to avoid a labor intensive rework.

Make Sure Formwork Is Properly Braced

If your formwork is not properly braced that’s when problems start to happen. Bulging and complete failure of the formwork can ensue. Better to over brace than to not brace enough.

Use Concrete Vibrators to Ensure Durability

Vibrators make concrete more durable. You may be tempted to skip this step, but liability is a good reason to make sure that you implement vibrators wherever possible. A collapsed wall is never good for a job no matter when it happens.

Remove Forms in a Timely Manner

Forms should be removed around 48 hours from pouring. This allows for the concrete to hold its shape, but still allows smoothing of problem areas covered by the forms. It also allows for easy finishing and rounding.

Get all the Forming Equipment You Need for Efficiency

Forming America is the place to go when you’re looking for concrete forms for sale and for rent. We make sure that all the forms we supply are up to specifications so that you don’t have to worry about having damaged rental equipment arrive at your job site.

We deliver right to your job site so that you can focus on other important logistics. Contact Forming America or call 1-888-993-1304 to find out more about forming and shoring equipment for your next job.

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