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Concrete Facts

Dealing with Concrete Moisture

When concrete slabs, old and new, have moisture issues, it can be a serious problem in all kinds of construction projects. Bubbling, blistering, and blushing are all possible, especially for concrete that is being set for indoor use. However, just like finding the right concrete forms for sale, finding ways to address moisture in concrete […]

Concrete Facts

Cold Weather Concreting

While concreting work can be done year-round, there are special considerations to make in extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Any placement, finishing, curing, and protection of concrete in weather below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than three days is considered cold weather concreting. Generally, cold weather concreting can be done effectively with the use […]

Concrete Facts

8 Things You Need to Know About Glass Rebar

Traditionally, any concrete construction project you could imagine would have involved the use of steel rebar to provide the rigidity and structure necessary. However, the same rigidity that helps concrete forms can also have drawbacks, including the added weight of steel and its vulnerability to corrosion over time. Many modern concrete jobs instead use glass […]

Concrete Facts

Fly Ash in Concrete

Fly ash is a fine powder, a byproduct of burning pulverized coal in electricity-generating power plants, and a pozzolan, or a substance that contains aluminous and siliceous material which forms cement when introduced to water. When mixed properly, fly ash forms a material similar to cement, making it suitable as a building material. When used […]

Concrete Facts

Can You Add Water to Concrete On-Site?

Because concrete is one of the few building materials that can be impacted after transport, the addition of water to concrete is one of the biggest challenges faced by many construction sites today. Ready-to-mix concrete requires the addition of water, but many people prefer to do this after the product has arrived from the manufacturing […]

Concrete Facts

Top 7 Concrete Admixtures

Whether your current project has you searching for laborers, the best plywood for sale, or high-quality concrete, you want to ensure you are using the best possible products. When it comes to concrete, the addition of admixtures before or during mixing can improve quality, manageability, acceleration, or retardation of setting time. Many concrete mixes available […]

Concrete Facts

Superplasticizer in Concrete

Concrete production relies on a reaction that binds water and cement with fine aggregates (primarily sand) and coarse aggregates (like crushed stone or natural gravel). A relatively small amount of water is usually needed to facilitate this chemical reaction, known as hydration, and to transform the ingredients into concrete’s final form. But in some cases, […]

Concrete Facts

Who Designs Formwork and Shoring?

When you see a finished construction problem, you are looking at the final product of hours and hours of labor, much of which is invisible to the eye. In some cases, equipment is used during the process that, when work is done properly, the average person will never know contributed to the building process. This […]

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