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Concrete Facts

Superplasticizer in Concrete

Concrete production relies on a reaction that binds water and cement with fine aggregates (primarily sand) and coarse aggregates (like crushed stone or natural gravel). A relatively small amount of water is usually needed to facilitate this chemical reaction, known as hydration, and to transform the ingredients into concrete’s final form. But in some cases, […]

Concrete Facts

Who Designs Formwork and Shoring?

When you see a finished construction problem, you are looking at the final product of hours and hours of labor, much of which is invisible to the eye. In some cases, equipment is used during the process that, when work is done properly, the average person will never know contributed to the building process. This […]

Concrete Facts

6 Ways to Test Concrete Strength On-Site

If you’ve ever been responsible for quality control of new construction or assessing the condition of existing infrastructure, you know that on-site evaluation of concrete strength can be a major challenge. Most stakeholders will prefer non-destructive and non-intrusive methods of testing in order to avoid further damage to a structure that may already be struggling […]

Concrete Facts

A Look at the New ACI 562-19 Concrete Repair Code

If you’re in the concrete industry, you’ve definitely heard of the new code, “ACI 562-19: Code Requirements for Assessment, Repair, and Rehabilitation of Existing Concrete Structures and Commentary”. Because of it, concrete crews will likely see new changes being implemented across the industry. The ACI (American Concrete Institution) is continually updating these codes—the 562 Committee […]

Concrete Facts

How Cold Weather Impacts Your Concrete Pour

Pouring concrete can be a simple task or a difficult one considering both the natural and man-made hurdles the process brings. It all depends on the location, the scope of the project, and the weather. Unfortunately, the weather often makes getting the perfect concrete pour difficult, especially in northern areas during the late fall, winter, […]

Concrete Facts


Incorrectly pouring concrete can lead to significant problems down the road, including bug holes, cold joints, and honey combing. These problems commonly occur when using shoring equipment, but they can be mitigated by use of a concrete vibrator. This machine consolidates concrete and refines the pouring process. If you’re using Symons forms, keep reading to […]

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