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What Qualities Should I Look for In a Construction Supplier?

As an industrial builder, you’re always looking for the best suppliers of concrete wall forms and subcontractors that align ultimately with your budget but also with your expectations for quality work. There are certain qualities and attributes to look out for when partnering with other manufacturers and suppliers. So, the next time you’re looking for an outsource company, or the next time you need used concrete forms for sale, look for these specific qualities in a construction supplier.

Expertise in the Industry

It’s easy to spot who knows their stuff and who doesn’t. The next time you interact with a possible supplier for a job, ask them targeted questions to see if they really are up to the job. If they’re dodging your questions or are giving vague answers or timelines, you need to be careful. Otherwise you’ll experience setbacks and hold-ups because of project managers who can’t deliver.

You’ll save yourself from headaches and a loss of time by finding people who know how to get the job done. The way to spot these suppliers is to ask about their previous work and see how they respond to out-of-the-box questions. Put them under a little pressure on the spot and see what they come up with. Also, note how confidently they speak of their skills and approach previous companies who used them. You’ll know pretty soon who is good and who is not.

Multiple Options for Your Jobs

It’s important, especially with materials, to use suppliers who have a ton of options for your jobs. Diversity in their products will set you up for success when a client requests certain types of materials for projects. If you need access to multiple styles of concrete formwork ties or forms but your supplier only carries one version, you’ll run into problems pretty quickly and find yourself scrambling for other providers. The bottom line is this: suppliers with lots of options will always be best for your clients and ultimately for you.

Inventory and Flexibility

While it may be good that your supplier has access to that certain type of lumbar you need for a job, it’s even more valuable if they have it readily in stock. A good supplier will not only have access to options for your materials, but they’ll be able to guarantee the material’s availability.

Another quality to consider is the supplier’s flexibility to deliver what you need. If they’re known for dropping the ball and can’t give you their word, be careful of conducting business with them. You should also realize that suppliers who are booked are probably safe bets of people to do business with. Even though you may need to schedule your job a couple weeks out, it goes to show that other people trust and are using this supplier. Plus, it means their prices are good and their business professionalism shows. Watch out for the supplier who is ‘always available’ that no one is using. They’re either ripping you off or the quality of materials and work they provide is poor.

Service Even After the Job is Done

Supplies that are backed by promises and warranties say a lot about a supplier or subcontractor. It shows they are dedicated to doing the job right and will even back that promise long after the job is done. Check and see what different options there are for warranties. Some range from 90 days while others can last five years. While this is not applicable to every job, it is definitely something to look out for and take notice of when people offer it.

Good Team Players

It goes without saying that the most important aspect to a supplier or subcontractor will be their attitude and outlook on their domain of work. If they are clear and direct communicators with you, you’ll appreciate their honesty and this will benefit every party involved with the project. Ask around to people who have used the suppliers you’re interested in doing business with and see what they say. Were they kind and considerate? Did they get on the same page as you? Was it a successful relationship? These are important questions to keep in mind as they will ultimately showcase the qualities of your construction supplier.

Forming America Could Be Your Construction Supplier

Now that you know what qualities to look for in a construction supplier, why don’t you check out Forming America next time for your project materials? We make sure all these qualities are present when we work with you. The next time you need concrete forms or shoring equipment, contact us so we can take care of you.

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