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Concrete Facts

Concrete Densifier Guide

The What  

Over the past 15 years, there has been a huge increase in popularity of concrete polishing and densifiers. A densifier is a chemical solution that, when applied to a concrete surface, fills the pores and increases surface density. This creates a harder surface with more strength, making concrete form rental ideal for those wanting to re-do warehouse flooring.  

The When 

Any polished concrete application will benefit from the addition of a chemical densifier. It is very common to find in concrete densifiers used in retail, commercial, industrial, institutional environments, and even residential properties.  

Densifiers can be used on interior or exterior applications, and new or old concrete surfaces. If you are adding a densifier to an old concrete surface, it needs to be cleaned well and stripped of all existing coatings.  

For a new surface, the best time to put the densifier on is based off the manufacturer’s instructions on when it should be polished. On average, this occurs 14-28 days after the concrete has been poured. The densifier will protect the slab, prevent staining and discoloration, and create a safeguard from damage during the ongoing construction process.  

The Why  

There are several advantages to using a concrete densifier. They decrease permeability while increasing stain resistance, ensuring the concrete won’t discolor or peel.  

The concrete surface treated with densifiers will develop a gloss that is easily enhanced with regular cleaning. Doing so buffs a shine into the surface, self-polishing the floor and improving the appearance of the gloss. 

Densifiers increase the concrete surface’s hardness and density, which helps the application last longer. The one-time, permanent application process saves money on labor and material costs, benefiting contractors and owners alike.    

And the How 

The application process is actually very easy, but proper surface preparation is critical. Ensure your surface is clean, sound, and free of all dirt, foreign matter, or previous coatings. This allows the densifier to penetrate the concrete.  

A VOC-compliant cleaner and degreaser is the best choice for prepping the surface. Once it’s applied, rinse away all residue and allow for ample drying time.  

There are several different ways that it can be applied, including by spray, broom, squeegee, or using swing or riding scrubber. If you have any questions, the best thing to do is to consult the densifier manufacturer’s recommendations.   

You want concrete to be hard and durable whether it’s used in a retail showroom, residential garage, or large industrial warehouse. When properly applied, concrete densifier has the ability to increase hardness and double your surface strength.  

Forming America can help you with even your toughest concrete projects by providing quality forming equipment and onsite delivery. Contact Forming America or give us a call today at 1-888-993-1304 to get started. 

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