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Concrete Forms

Different Types of Concrete Formwork Ties

Learn how to secure the correct concrete formwork ties for your concrete forming project. There are many different types of concrete formwork ties utilized across construction sites every day, and the right types of concrete formwork ties provide the safety standards and quality execution every project needs to be successful. Concrete forming projects require different types of concrete formwork ties to get the job done well with efficiency and precision. Concrete formwork ties are high-quality products needed at construction sites and for concrete formwork projects every day.

The Importance of Concrete Formwork Ties

Concrete formwork ties are the key to providing perfectly accurate dimensions of structural parts for construction and concrete forming projects. Form ties and accessories are used in concrete formwork that holds the forms of the concrete walls in place against lateral pressure. In order to achieve a uniform thickness of concrete walls, form ties are utilized to maintain equal spacing between concrete forms. In general, form ties have two main components: the internal tension member and the external holding device. Depending on the type of concrete formwork tie utilized, some will be removable while others stay in place once the concrete has fully hardened. Every construction site and concrete formwork project will rely on high-quality concrete wall form products including concrete formwork ties.

5 Types of Concrete Formwork Ties

Below are detailed explanations for five different types of concrete formwork ties so you can make the best choice for your construction needs.

1. HD Loop Panel Ties

For modular type forms, use HD Loop Panel Ties that are specifically designed for the purpose of securing and spacing these forms and are preferred for prefabricated panels and light-duty projects. HD Loop Panel Ties are designed as a single metal bar with a loop on both ends that can connect to locking systems like a wedge and pin. HD Loop Panel Ties help to ensure the accurate thickness of poured concrete walls and are installed between the panels. These types of concrete formwork ties are typically left in the modular forming system upon completion.

2. X Flat Ties

X Flat Ties are formwork ties most commonly used with prefabricated modular type form panels and similarly light-duty projects. The design of the X Flat Ties is a simple steel plate that is flat with holes at each end. The holes at each end of the X Flat Ties are designed to be used in conjunction with wedge and pin to lock the flat tie in forms. This type of concrete formwork tie cannot be removed from the concrete once it is hardened so these are for a one-time use purposes only.

3. Base Ties

Base Ties are designed to maintain proper wall dimension as they span two concrete forms opposite one another. Utilize Base Ties for enclosed wall thickness and for the base or top of the concrete form for laydown applications. The base tie is a type of concrete formwork tie that has two raised loops on either end in order to be safely secured with wedges.

4. Z Tie Holders & Waler Ties

Select the combination of Z Tie Holders & Waler Ties to secure lumber walers to modular forming systems. The Waler Ties come in sizes that can accommodate either 2×4 and 2×6 lumber and are used in conjunction with Z Tie Holders for a concrete wall forming project done quickly and safely. Fasten the waler tie to the forms using wedge bolts and position the lumber on either side of the tie. Then the Z Tie Holder goes over the wedge and the tie for complete assembly.

5. J-Strongback Hooks & Strongback Ties

Secure the vertical strongback lumber with J-Strongback Hooks and Strongback Ties by simply hooking one over the lumber waler. J-Strongback Hooks are utilized in conjunction with Strongback Ties to eliminate the need for Waler Ties in some modular type forming. Use Strongbacks as vertical alignment members for walers and place these at 90-degree angles.

Other hardware and formwork accessories that can be vital to the concrete formwork process include scaffold brackets, turnbuckles, and pipe form aligners. Consider the appropriate type of concrete formwork ties for your project, which will help determine the appropriate hardware and accessories to make your project a success. Avoid improvisation on the job site and instead invest in formwork accessories including concrete formwork ties that will ensure you get the job done safely, swiftly, and efficiently.

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