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How Concrete Pipes Could Reduce Hurricane Damage

Hurricane season is extremely stressful for homeowners, business owners, and city governments who reside on the nation’s coasts. The damage from this natural disaster can be devastating and very costly. Unfortunately, hurricanes are completely unpreventable, but there are ways to reduce the amount of damage to your area. 

Similar to finding concrete forms for sale to reinforce your construction projects, using concrete pipes in coastal areas can lessen the impact of hurricane damage. Keep reading to find out how these reinforced pipes can make a big difference for those on the coast. 

Moisture Resistant 

Concrete pipes are manufactured to be water resistant to protect against delamination. As the storm rages on, you don’t have to worry about the concrete melting away or being filled with saltwater.  

Without a strong foundation, major infrastructures are more likely to collapse, especially when they’re faced with high winds. Modern pipes are made to prevent delamination, a process that separates the pipe’s materials into multiple layers due to wear and tear. This erosion is detrimental during a storm, so it’s important to have a foundation that can withstand natural elements. 

Controls Beach Erosion 

Coastal erosion is a natural part of the Earth’s ecosystem, but this predictable occurrence is particularly damaging during a hurricane. Huge waves wash away parts of the shoreline and much of the sand. This lowers the elevation of the entire beach, which leaves many coastal properties barren and defenseless against future storms.  

Concrete pipes reduce the amount of sand being stripped away from the beach, which will make hurricane recovery easier for those affected. The beach will remain more intact, owners will still have a shoreline to protect their property, and the city will not be forced to manually replace the sand.  

Reduces Storm Impact 

Another way reinforced concrete pipes help keep communities safe is by slowing the speed of the hurricane. Coastal protection structures are able to change the current and wave patterns, reducing the impact of the storm’s harsh waves.  

Of course, the pipes will not completely prevent the hurricane from hitting the coast and the cities close by. However, they can reduce its impact on structural damage. Even a slightly lighter impact can save money, time, and lives.  

Concrete pipes are an excellent way to moderate hurricane damage. Their durability will help keep property, people, and infrastructure from experiencing so much destruction. This same type of durability and versatility applies when working with steel-ply concrete forms.  

If you are in search of concrete forms, Forming America has a variety of steel-ply forms that are durable and easy to use. Contact Forming America today or give us a call at 1-888-993-1304 for more information.

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