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How Technology Is Helping Construction Collaboration

In today’s world, technology plays a vital role in our every day lives. Those of us in construction can admit that technology is changing the way we work, mostly for the better. However, some contractors don’t have the time to research the benefits of technology, whereas others are unsure how to implement it into their work and crew members. After all, what does technology have to do with concrete forms?

On the surface, technology and construction don’t seem to have anything in common. But if you take the necessary steps, technology can prove to be most useful for construction companies, especially when it comes to collaborating with the people you work with. Using technology will help you save time, money, and work more efficiently with your crew. Here’s how.

Streamline communication

Technology can come in many useful forms, especially software used on computers or smartphones. There is a lot of software that has been developed specifically for general contractors. Barcode scanners and radio-frequency identification readers can help track shipments, equipment, and materials, which can help you and your employees be more efficient with your time. But how can software help you communicate more effectively?

Software designed for construction also includes apps that can be downloaded on your mobile device. Apps like Buildertrend and Procore keep communication between you and your crew members all in one place. Such apps make it much easier for you and other crew members to simplify communication with one another. This can be especially useful during times when the workload is piling up for crew members, and the pressure is on to complete a job on time. While technology should not replace communication between you and your team, it helps to keep workflow simplified.

Provide clarity with your supply chain

Keeping communication clear with your supply chain is necessary to keep your business successful. Not only can it be helpful for you and the crew, but it is also beneficial for the subcontractors you work with.

You may feel like you have well-established relationships within your supply chain and believe communication lines are already developed. You can still encounter the occasional communication hangup that involves more people than it should, which steals from precious time or takes away from focusing on a project.

Provide transparency with your supply chain instead of allowing back and forth communication. This will help preserve your internal resources and keep all members focused instead of looking at their cell phones. Overall, using the right app or service will help you maintain effective communication while also saving you time.

Use one source for documents

If you’re managing a fleet of equipment, you know it can be challenging to keep up with each vehicle. By using satellites, GPS technology allows your vehicle to “communicate” with whatever site you establish as a home base. Users with access to this software can see where their vehicles are in real-time. In a similar way, using an app or specific software to keep your documents all in one place proves to be immensely helpful with saving time.

For example, a construction firm in California used its manual process since its establishment. Their contractors sent their applications for payment to the person who oversaw their accounts. This person would then need to verify the subcontractors’ invoices with their project managers. Maybe this sounds like your business. This manual way seems to work just fine until you find a better way. This same firm switched to using an online platform that made collaboration between all parties so much easier. Using a platform like Procore, GCPay, or another company allows team members to keep their contact information, billing, spreadsheets, and other important documents all in one place and up to date.

Forming America has the supplies you need

Finding one app or service to keep all of these elements in one place will help you save time. You can be confident that implementing technology into your workflow will help your business and your team in the long run.

Look to technology for efficiency and use Forming America for your supply material needs. Forming America has the best quality materials you need to complete your next project. Contact us today to buy our used concrete forms for sale and other materials, or sell us your used concrete forms.

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