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Concrete Forms Tips

How to Find a New Concrete Forms Supplier

When starting a construction project, you want to make sure you are using the best and most reliable materials and vendors. You’re building a structure meant to last and this relies on choosing quality suppliers, rather than something easy or familiar. Of course, sometimes accidents happen or a tool breaks, you want to ensure you have a supplier you can trust for replacement or repair. This is true whether you are talking about an individual screwdriver or large purchase like concrete forms. A supplier simply having concrete forms rentals may not be enough to make you feel comfortable- you also want to know they have exceptional customer service on their products. Below are some things to look for in concrete form suppliers.

High-Quality Concrete Forms

The material you will be renting is the center of your transaction and your supplier relationship. Building a structure requires you to have materials that are perfectly square and plumb- many people choose symons forms for this reason, as their predictable, exact, and even outcomes offer assurance of a good structure. When a form lacks quality, whether it is due to manufacturing defects or poor refurbishing practices, your project will become more difficult and expensive in the long run. Starting off with damaged concrete form rentals can set the stage for a negative experience all around, no matter how much you like your supplier.

Customer Service Matters

Even the best concrete forms will fail sometimes- and that’s okay. A good supplier will manage any necessary equipment repair or replacement in these scenarios. When you are on a job site, you are likely being held to a rigid timeline for project completion, and because of robotics’ huge role on the jobsite, a technical issue can put your own work in jeopardy. Even if you never end up needing emergency services, knowing that your supplier offers them will bring you peace of mind. And if you DO need it, the services will be invaluable. You can ask your supplier what happens when a concrete form fails- do they offer replacements ASAP? At what charge? This safety net will give you confidence on the job site.

Suppliers That Deliver

In this case, deliver is both a metaphorical and a literal term. Suppliers should deliver on any commitments made, including customer service and promised quality. But they also need to get your concrete form rentals to you. Even the greatest product in the world isn’t any good if it’s sitting in a warehouse, miles from where you need it.

A good supplier should be able to deliver the forms you need to your job site directly and in a timely manner. Your crew sitting and waiting for a product to arrive is money directly out of your pocket and time not going towards project completion—as they say, time is money. These delays can end up costing you more than you may have saved by going with a more “frugal” supplier.

Maintaining a Supplier Relationship

The relationship that you have with suppliers can be critical, and a good one is highly valued in this industry. When that relationship is built on trust, you are able to move forward confidently on projects without the time and effort of searching for new suppliers or managing a poor relationship. This may begin with high-quality products, meeting delivery promises, and reliable service, but these are not the only components that matter when choosing a vendor for concrete form rentals. Instead, these are benefits that are a result of a solid relationship. If you are loyal and honest with your supplier, they will do the same for you, and the relationship will grow from there.

If you are looking for a new concrete form supplier, or simply wondering if your current supplier is right for you, be sure to evaluate them against these criteria. At Forming America, we hold the relationship with our clients in high regard and strive to meet these goals. We provide high-quality concrete form rentals, superior renovations, onsite delivery, and take the guesswork out of your logistics. And above all, we treat every client like our biggest client and value each individual relationship greatly. For more information, call us at 1-888-993-1304 to begin working together.

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