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Concrete Forms Tips

How to Prevent Concrete Bulging

When you’re working with concrete, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. Concrete bulging is one of those unexpected things that can bring a construction job to a standstill. It can also increase labor costs and make a project unprofitable.

Fixing the problem can be time consuming and labor intensive, as most often the solution involves taking out cement and putting it back in after extra bracing has been added. There is a better way to prevent concrete bulging with a blindsided wall system.

Causes of Concrete Bulging

First, it’s important to understand why bulging happens. There is a lot that can go wrong when tons of concrete are being held up by wooden formwork and bracing. More often than not, bulging is caused by lack of adequate bracing which allows formwork to bow out at points that are unsupported. Wooden formwork can also warp under pressure, causing bulging problems. Finally, weak bracing can give out under pressure from concrete.

Ties and Anchors to Prevent Concrete Bulging

A blindsided wall system is unique in that it only allows for bracing on one side because the other side is dirt, rock or concrete. This means that bracing has to be extra strong if bracing alone is used. The alternative is using anchors connected into the rock, dirt or concrete on the non-braced side tied to the braced side with ties. This is an effective way to create a dynamic support system of ties and anchors that works in tandem with the braced side to create a solid, straight wall that is free of bulges.

How Steel Formwork Helps Prevent Concrete Bulging

Wood is great, because it is inexpensive. The downside to wood is that, no matter how strong it is, wood eventually warps. Using modular steel formwork is the only way to go if you want to reduce chances of concrete bulging. Steel formwork is combined with any number of support and anchoring systems to create a straight wall.

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