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Concrete Facts

Proper Reinforcements for Homebuilding 

Building a home may not require the same level of planning as a large office building when it comes to concrete forming. Still, getting the job done often requires reinforcements. Knowing which type of reinforcement to use will save you time and money on your construction project.

There are two types of reinforcement for concrete in homebuilding. Deformed reinforcing bars commonly known as “rebar” is one type, and fabric, also known as wire mesh, is the other. It’s also important to consider what type of specialized formwork you might need. If you’re building a home up against a dirt backing, for example, you may need to use a blindsided wall system.

When is Reinforcement Required?

Although it’s not usually required, reinforcement can be necessary. Find out what the local codes are as they could dictate use of reinforcement.

A designer of the home might also require reinforcement for stability. Other factors that play into the equation are unstable soils, groundwater problems, or seismic risk.

Slab Reinforcement

Slabs do fine without reinforcement, as long as you properly place joints to prevent cracks. Consider adding reinforcement if you want to cover the floor with thin-set tile. This is especially important because cracks that appear in the concrete will crack the tile.

Using metal fabric will hold the concrete together. Keep in mind that any holes cut in the concrete for heating coils, pipes, or conduits will also need to be reinforced.

Footing and Wall Reinforcement

Walls and footings require reinforcements only in special situations. If there is an unusual load that it needs to bear, then extra steps will need to be taken.

Lintels over wall openings also require reinforcement so they can bear the weight of the structure above them.

Additional Aid for Homebuilding

When you consider how much reinforcement you may need on your next home buildout, keep Forming America in mind. We have concrete forming equipment for sale and for rent that will make any job easier.

With delivery right to your jobsite, it has never been easier get the tools and equipment you need from Forming. Contact us today at 1-888-993-1304 and we’ll help you get the equipment you need to move your job forward to the finish line.

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