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Purchase or Rental: Which Steel-ply Form is Right for You?

When you’re thinking about concrete forms, it’s easy to forget that form rental is an option, but choosing to rent has a lot of benefits. If you choose to buy, you’ll have a lot of up-front expense on jobs that may not require everything that you have, or jobs may require more equipment than what you own or can get on short notice.

The solution many construction companies resort to is building plywood forms on site to make up the difference, but there are problems with this method:

-Additional labor: It takes a long time to build plywood forms compared to the ease of a delivery of ready-made forms, on-spec for your immediate job.

-Lower form standard: Purely plywood forms made on-site aren’t tested to the same standards as pre-made steel-ply forms

Don’t Be Limited by Your Budget

In addition to the issues of safety and meeting deadlines, you’re limited to certain shapes when you’re working with less polished, on-site made forms.

For example, Steel-Ply makes forming curved walls fairly simple compared to the process of on-site built curved forms. You’ll be able to erect your forms for curved walls pre-assembled in a vertical formation prior to your first pour, and move the forms for your next pours. It’s much easier than putting together a curving template and dealing with an assembly of panels.

To get this kind of building power, you need to invest a lot of time or a lot of money. Or, save on both and rent your formwork. You’ll get the same great results without cutting into your bottom line.

Rental Forms Already Meet Safety Standards

When you choose to rent Steel-Ply forms, you’ll have a product that is expertly and painstakingly designed with performance and safety in mind. You can trust that the forms you rent are well maintained and regularly inspected.

To Rent or to Buy: What’s Best for You?

While buying your forms is always an option, there are many advantages to renting Steel-Ply concrete forms. In addition to a proven form design that lessens any risk of blowout or breakdown, you’ll get a safer system that you can order to the exact specs of the project that you’re on.

You’ll save valuable time and expense when you don’t keep your own forms. That’s because the forms require storage space and regular maintenance. But when you have them transported to you via a concrete form rental vendor, you’ll have cleaned forms that are ready to be used.

Ultimately, the benefits of buying vs. renting steel-ply concrete forms will depend on the scale of the job and the size of the budget. But it always helps to remember that renting is an option in case you need high quality, safety tested concrete forms delivered to your site within budget.


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