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Concrete Forms

Significance of Forms to the Construction Industry

Concrete is a flexible and durable building material lacking any characteristic shape in a wet state. Concrete Forms or formwork functions as a mold, casting it into specific dimensions. It also supports the concrete mixture until it cures and becomes self-supporting.

With advancements in research and construction technology, concrete forms has evolved, from timber and wood panels, to steels and plywood forms of the present.

Investing in good quality concrete formwork has a lasting impact on schedule, budget, and productivity of the project. A durable and sturdy form can carry hydrostatic pressure and dead load efficiently, offering many benefits to constructors.

Better Worker Safety

There are roughly 1 out of 10 construction site workers injured annually in the US, a staggering number considering the brunt of medical expenses the construction industry has to bear. In fact, in 2015, the top 2 groups involved in injuries were reported to be workers from civil engineering and building constructions, making it imperative for the construction industry to employ safer technology with a lower threat to workers’ life.

Concrete forms allows workers with faster and proper access to the structure, provides better arrangements for working platform, with the added benefit of improved scaffold safety. It also provides excellent support for superimposed or overlay loads, providing structural safety, reducing chances of accidents. Thus, formwork is a relatively safer choice as a construction technology.

Shorter Construction Time

Concrete form rental is an easy way for the construction industry to increase productivity within modest budgets. Using forms in concrete constructions can drastically reduce the timeline of the project as it allows for swift assembly of the skeletal structure of the building.

The steel framed or plywood panels allow the creation of wall forming. The use of clamps, bolts, and pins set the structure in place, saving on assembly time. The structure is rapidly erected as the concrete mixture is poured through pumps into the concrete form.

Reusable concrete forms can also be simultaneously used between different constructions, allowing for fast assembly and disassembly as the floor to floor construction cycle of each construction is completed.

The easy to assemble capabilities enable projects to lie within their budgetary constraints and effectively use resources, making it a cost-effective technique in the long run.

Better End Results

Steel forms results in a consistent and smooth finish when casting concrete, cutting down on effort required on further treatment of the structure, post hardening process. It may even eliminate the need for plastering in certain constructions.

Steel formwork equipment is durable with a longer shelf life, good for reuse for up to 3000 individual uses.

It leads to fewer chances of human errors, as all material is uniform in quality and dimensions. The inability to absorb moisture allows for better hardening, and lowers chances of shrinkage or warp, resulting in a superior quality end-product achieved with minimal labor-intensive work schedules.

Improved Labor and Capital Management

Speedy mobilization and disassembly moves resources efficiently from one project to the next. Formwork also allows for better tracking of skilled labor, hence better chances of assessing training needs. It reduces wastage of efforts and resources, allowing for efficient capital and labor management.

With so many benefits, it looks promising to invest in concrete form equipment. However, form work can be a huge cost component of a building’s structural frame, and its purchase may turn into a costly endeavor.

A suitable alternative to purchasing forms is to rent high-quality forming and shoring equipment for your construction projects. It proves to be a cost-effective solution in contrast to purchasing resources for a larger project, providing economies of scale.

Selecting the right formsfrom the right source is important; considering it forms up to 50 to 60 percent of the cost of concrete walls. Forming America offers a wide-spanning range of industry standard concrete forms for rental purposes, fit for every budget. From the planning phase to the delivery of material on job-site, we offer an all-inclusive solution to form work needs. Whether you have a small housing project or a large commercial initiative, our huge inventory of rental stock is ready to meet all your construction requirements.

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