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Concrete Forms Tips

Small Home Project: Build or Rent Forms

The main goal of a do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement project is to get the job done while spending the least amount of money possible.

If you’re a DIY person considering a small home project with concrete forming, it may be tempting to quickly assemble makeshift forms out of wood. Many people use this method for work on a basement wall or driveway.

However, it may be easier and less expensive to consider concrete form rental. Here are a few reasons why.

Quality of Concrete Form Rentals

When you rent concrete forms, the service typically includes both the forms and transportation to the build site. Renting steel forms may seem like it would cost more in terms of both time and money, but it’s important to realize just how much the high quality of steel forms will benefit your project. Here are some 5 reasons why you should rent concrete forms on your next project.

Steel forms don’t warp like wood forms do, so you can count on a straight wall if you set them up correctly. That’s important when you are building a wall that needs to be plumb so that everything attached to it fits correctly.

Steel Concrete Forms Are Reliable and Easy to Set Up

Steel forms are safer for the DIY’er because they will do a better job of bearing the weight of the concrete. Since a square foot of concrete weighs 150lbs, even a small job will benefit from the added strength of steel forms.

Also, non-wood forms lend themselves to easier setup because there is less custom assembly than wood forms require. When the job is done you just send the forms back to the rental place. There is no added step of deciding what to do with the wooden formwork.

Renting Concrete Forms Generates Cost Savings

Because steel forms are so much stronger, there’s a lower chance of blow outs that would cost you untold hours of build time in cleanup and form repairs.

It’s a situation where you spend a bit more to make sure that you don’t spend more on costly mistakes. A load of concrete that goes everywhere because of a collapsed wall is a nightmare you don’t want to experience.

Where Can I Rent Concrete Forms?

Don’t make your small home improvement project harder than it has to be. Renting concrete forms will make your project easier. Here are some common types of concrete forms and their uses to ease your life.

Forming America is here to help you through the process. We’ll work with you to get the right formwork for your small home project. And we’ll deliver your concrete forms right to your house. Contact Forming America today at 1-888-993-1304.

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