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Concrete Forms

Steel-Ply Forms vs. Block Forms

If you’re looking to take your concrete projects to new heights, it’s tricky to decide between steel-ply forms and block forms, sometimes known as block outs. The concrete structure your team builds is crucial to the project’s success, so you’ll need something that’s adaptable, efficient, and reliable.

If you’ve started hunting for concrete forms for sale, here’s a comparison between two types of formwork.

Block Forms

Made for tilt-up wall panels or vertical poured-in-place situations, concrete block outs can be made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), wood, or plywood. EPS is strong enough to handle the weight of wet concrete and is typically removed once the concrete is set. When constructed of wood or plywood, blocks are ideal for one use. Similar to steel-ply forms, block outs are pre-cut and delivered to the job site, ready for use.

Reuse of block out forms is an option if special relief features are implemented for careful removal. Although this solution is expensive up front, it can pay off since the you extend the formwork’s shelf life. However, making block out forms work perfectly for future projects can be a daunting and difficult task. To easily reuse formwork for future projects, steel-ply forms may be your best choice.

Blocks tend to have the same uneven loading problems that slab pours face with tie loading. If the block form is deep enough, external kicking is highly likely and is a hurdle that can set back your entire project. You’ll need to combine light kicking and through ties if the formwork is not large enough for concrete to be poured roughly two foot lifts over the pour area.

Steel-Ply Forms

This type of formwork is factory-built and highly reusable. It’s perfect for commercial and residential structures since the form walls can configure to almost any shape or size. Steel-ply forms are much more productive and cost-effective than job-specific plywood formwork or block outs.

Steel-ply forms are lighter than other forming systems, making them easier to work with. With less manual labor, your personnel will spend less time erecting, stripping, and moving from structure to structure, resulting in higher productivity. Also, less time is spent cleaning and coating steel-ply forms since they’re made of high quality HDO plywood, as compared to the lower grade plywood used on other form types.

With steel-ply forms, you’ll see an increase in efficiency and productivity. Your personnel won’t be misplacing or reaching for necessary hardware amidst panel assembly. Plus, you can choose to attach optional hardware to speed this process up even more.

A Forming Supplier for All Your Needs

Considering steel-ply formwork for your next concrete project? Forming America can supply concrete forming that keeps your projects running safely and efficiently. Our forming systems are available to buy or rent. Contact Forming America or call 1-888-993-1304 to get the concrete forming solutions for your needs.

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