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Concrete Forms

The Building Blocks of Today

As a pre-engineered, modular formwork system, Steel-Ply is highly durable and versatile. The Symons Forms system can be used to create virtually any design or type of concrete structure.

Applied in commercial as well as residential structures, Steel-Ply is more economical than custom built plywood formwork, or other forming methods. Steel-Ply concrete forms can be used to form walls of almost any size with additional accessories for superior detailing.

Understanding Steel Ply

With a rate of 1,000 per square foot (psf), Steel-Ply massively reduces the cost of forming for many sectors – from commercial and residential buildings, to industrial work and units such as treatment plants.

Steel-Ply is the most advanced, and therefore superior, forming system currently available in the market. Due to the reinforced, high carbon steel frames, its edges stay upright, while corners maintain their square shapes. This allows for the panels to be quickly aligned and stacked. It also comes with in-built edges, which make the movement and placement of these panels much easier.

Benefits of Symons Steel-Ply Forming System

Due to its reusability, the material cost, per square foot of the contact area, is much lower for steel ply compared to traditional plywood forming systems. Construction workers can also easily set up Symons steel ply forming systems without extensive training.

Additionally, the concrete wall construction is cast-in-place, which makes Steel-Ply twice as economical as cinder-block type construction.

Saves Time

Ease of setting up and stripping makes this forming system an effective and easy way of constructing concrete walls. There is minimal training required for workers, and there is no need to measure, drill or saw the forming system into place. Its application also makes the job easy for workers, as the entire process requires the use of only one tool– a hammer.

Boosts Efficiency

Since panels in the Steel-Ply forming system come in different sizes, they can be used to form virtually any dimension. The panels and fillers are created with specially laminated plywood mounted on steel frames. This not only adds stability to the structure, but also allows for the formwork system to be reused multiple times and for different projects.

Components of Steel-Ply

Some of the most commonly used parts of the Steel-Ply forming system are:

Panels and Fillers

Steel-Ply has over 80 different panel sizes, which can be used to quickly layout any type of structure. What’s more, the panels can be erected vertically and horizontally, and do not require any drilling, nailing, sawing or measuring that comes with custom built forming systems.

The Steel Ply forming system can be easily reused up to 200-300 times, before being re-plyed. The high density carbon steel forms are further reinforced for added durability and strength.

Wedge Bolts

Wedge bolts are used to connect panels, and capturing ties. Two identical wedge bolts function together as a lock-bolt set – one for connecting the panels, and the other for clamping the wedge.

Inside and Outside Corners

Available in five different lengths, the corners are made of reusable steel, and are built to maintain precise tolerances – therefore, reducing measurement errors. They can be set with their ends up, or down, decreasing the time and labor needed for erecting the panels.

Scaffold Bracket

These brackets provide safe access for above-grade applications, and are installed where one or more levels of work platform are required. The scaffold bracket is connected to the formwork with a wedge bolt, and has the capacity to safely hold up to 500 lbs.

The Steel-Ply concrete forming system utilizes the same basic components no matter what the requirements are. This allows workers to quickly set it up, regardless of the shape or size of the concrete structure. The laminated plywood panels in the steel-ply forming system also serve to add stability to the structure being built. For more information on Steel-ply concrete form rentals, sale, and renovation contact Forming America today.

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