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Concrete Forms

Types of Shoring and Their Uses

Shoring is used to temporarily support structures that are compromised, need to be repaired, or are in the process of being built. Equipment must be strong and in good repair to keep the structure stable and safe for workers above, below, and around the work area. Here are a couple different kinds of shoring equipment and their uses.

Shoring for Excavated Ground

Excavated ground can prove unstable and is a worksite hazard, and shoring is used for soil retention on a hillside or ditches. It’s a specialized operation that ensures soil doesn’t fall on workers while walls are being built to permanently hold the ground in place. Shoring for excavated ground typically utilizes pressure grouting, soil nails & shotcrete, or solider pile and lagging. The composition of the soil, equipment accessibility, and grade of the hillside all affect which shoring mechanism is the best choice for the project.

For Building Repair

As buildings age, settling and destabilization occurs. The building is repaired and strengthened, while shoring equipment holds it in place. For a section of a building that needs shoring, hydraulic and mechanical jacks get the job done. Foundation replacement requires cribs, steels structures, and beams on a temporary foundation.

Initial Building Construction

Building construction commonly uses shoring to support concrete floors until hardening provides self-support. This process is repeated on each level of on a multistory building. Efficiency becomes the determining factor in selecting the right shoring equipment. When the best system is matched with each job, less manpower is needed for setup and tear down, increasing job profitability.

A few things should be considered when choosing shoring for building construction. Things like site space and transport affects the job. Some sites don’t have the space for shoring equipment that comes in on multiple trucks. If space is at a premium, finding shoring that fits by design onto one flatbed truck is an advantage.

The type of job the shoring is used on also determines the correct shoring system. Certain jobs may require more specialized formwork, while others may work with a standard system.

The structure the shoring system holds up should never exceed the weight limit specified by the manufacturer. When renting or buying used equipment, it is always good to obtain it from a reputable supplier who adequately checks equipment before it is sent off.

Shoring Equipment Supply

At Forming America, we carry a wide range of shoring products to cater to many specific job requirements. Heavy duty shoring meets the strongest requirements, while other systems aid in speed of setup and teardown. In addition, we supply systems that are designed for compactness in transport, making loading onto a flatbed truck easy.

Forming America has the shoring equipment you need. Give us a call at 1-888-993-1304 today.

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