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Concrete Forms Tips

What to Look for in a Shoring Partner

To avoid cave-ins, injuries, and fatalities, shores are designed to apply pressure to trench walls during excavations. Not only do they protect employees, but shoring also guards existing structures from damage due to nearby digs. Even shallow trenches pose a fatal threat to the crew on site. 

When it’s time for you to purchase or rent shoring equipment, finding a trustworthy vendor or partner is critical for the safety of your employees and the success of your project. Here are some traits to look for in your next shoring partner.  

High Quality Materials 

Safety is the top priority for your crew. With flimsy or outdated equipment, you could be signing the dotted line for a disaster. You put your crew at risk for fatalities, falls, failing loads, and treacherous environments. 

Equipment from companies like Spanall® and TS Mills utilize materials like aluminum that are heavy duty, yet light weight. Not only are aluminum systems safe, but they’re also easy to set up and tear down due to their flexibility.  

Cost-Effective Equipment  

There is no price tag on the lives and safety of your team, but budget is also a priority that should remain at the forefront. Research shoring vendors until you find one that offers equipment with a fair price.  

Spanall’s Interform® aluminum joist and stringer system is a great, low-cost alternative to lumber for stationary shoring applications. Designed to be used with the 20K heavy-duty shoring frames, this system is faster to set up and requires fewer components to set in place than traditional methods.  

Because it requires fewer workers for setup, you’ll reap the labor savings from start to finish. Interform® systems require less joists, stringers, ledger beams, and shoring frames, which decreases installation and tear down time. 

A Variety of Options for Projects 

The shoring and scaffolding you use for a project on a two-lane street looks very different than that in an open field. When you purchase or rent shoring equipment, your vendor should walk you through options that are specific to your job at hand.  

Without options for various projects, an untrustworthy shoring vendor will just offer run-of-the-mill equipment. To find the right equipment for you, the two of you should assess the stability of the dirt, the depth of the excavation, ground stress from nearby structures, and groundwater. Ignoring these details could lead to an unsuccessful project, or worse, the injury or loss of one of your team members.  

The safety and success of your project relies on the stability of the shoring equipment you purchase or rent. For your next job that requires shoring or scaffolding, get in touch with Forming America. Speak with a shoring specialist when you call 1-888-993-1304.

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