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Concrete Forms

What Type of Formwork Does My Construction Project Need?

Formwork is no small part of a construction job, involving expenditure of up to 20 to 25% of the cost of the structure. The type of formwork used for a construction project should allow for speed and ease of install while being versatile and durable. Concrete form rental from a reputable supplier is the cost effective approach to procuring formwork for your next job. Steel-Ply concrete forms are made from a fortified steel frame, making it an ideal choice for a variety of construction project needs. Identifying which of the following qualities are a priority for your project will help you decide what type of formwork to rent.

Important Qualities of Rental Formwork


A project can have so many unexpected situations that arise even with the best plans, which is why you want formwork versatility to keep the project going. Steel Ply is a system with standard sizing and multiple panel and filler sizes for different situations. When the project goes higher vertically than expected, this versatile system that can adapt to a gang forming system with just a few added pieces will save time. The system allows for curved wall forming as well, so it will work in even more situations.


It’s no secret that concrete is very heavy and takes on a mind of its own when weak formwork allows it to break free. Steel Ply can handle the high stress load capacity required, which is a key part of the project for safety and profitability. Part of the search for durable formwork involves making sure it is inspected by the rental company before it is sent to the customer. Contractors benefit from partnering with a rental company that carries quality equipment.

Easy to Set Up

Drilling, sawing, and nailing can really put a damper on formwork set up speed, especially with a newer crew. Steel Ply doesn’t require any tools except for a hammer. This can be a huge relief for contractors that are constantly dealing with crewmember’s lost tools. Since it is easy to set up, even an inexperienced crew will be able to do an efficient job.

Partner with a Solid Supplier of Formwork

A solid supplier doesn’t just rent or sell forms; they become more of a partner though services like jobsite delivery and pickup, taking significant amounts of legwork off your to-do list. It shouldn’t stop there. A supplier should be able to help you think through what you need with a consultation. When looking for a supplier, don’t just think about rental. Ask them what resources they offer. Just the right input could save large amounts of money on your next construction project.

A No-Compromise Solution

Don’t compromise when choosing formwork for your next construction project. Partner with Forming America. Our large rental fleet of Steel Ply forming equipment makes sure you will have what you need for the job. We check every piece of rental equipment and repair it before sending it out again so that contractors have the highest quality equipment every time we do business with them. Large and small jobs are outfitted equally well with Forming America. We offer consultations and free blueprint takeoffs so that customers can optimize their next project.

Give Forming America a call at 1-888-993-1304 and partner with us to make your next project a success.

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