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Concrete Forms Tips

Why Choose Single Sided Formwork? 

Concrete forming can throw curve balls at you. You have a system that works for most applications, but every once in a while you get to a point in planning a concrete forming job where curtain style formwork just won’t cut it. Maybe the thickness of the wall is beyond the reach of an anchoring rod or site layout inhibits traditional formwork.

This is where single sided formwork can save the day. Sometimes used as a supporting side for a blindsided wall system, single sided formwork gets the job done in these tricky situations.

The Benefits of Single Sided Wall Building

There is no need to worry about the integrity of forming equipment when using a single sided formwork system. All the forces that would normally be kept in check by anchor rods used with a curtain system will be transferred into embedded anchor systems.

In essence, a single sided wall has the ability to self-support. You aren’t limited by height either. Extra sections can be added for higher walls.

Single Sided Formwork Can Be Combined with Blindsided Formwork

Single sided walls can aid in blindsided concrete forming by providing the opposite side of a wall formed up against dirt or concrete. With the extra bracing that single sided formwork provides you don’t have to solely rely on anchors in dirt or concrete on the blindside.

Single Sided Formwork Can Be Used for Many Applications

Single sided walls can be used in a number of different situations. They work well for retaining walls where lots of support is needed on one side. Dams also benefit from single sided forming as the thickness of the wall is well beyond reach of an anchorage rod. Heavy curtain formwork sometimes needs the extra support of a single side forming system. This would be a double sided application.

As your single sided formwork climbs higher vertically you will benefit from the ability to attach scaffolding for workers. Single sided form work can also be used to support large columns as they are formed as well.

Where Can I Find a Comprehensive Supplier of Single Sided Formwork?

Forming America supplies both new and renovated single-sided forming equipment. We carry a wide range of forming equipment, so you can meet all your concrete forming equipment needs in one place. Our customer service is part of our standard of excellence. Contact Forming America today or call 1-888-993-1304. You can count on us to deliver the forming equipment you need as well as hardware and accessories right to your jobsite.




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