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Concrete Forms Tips

Why the Quality of Your Shoring Matters 

Concrete is a tough building material. It is used to build everything from houses to the world’s tallest skyscrapers. It creates strong structures when it has hardened but during pouring it requires heavy duty forming and shoring equipment to hold it in place.

Many contractors cut corners by substituting wooden shoring in places where metal ones should be used. But there are reasons for using high quality equipment that cannot be overlooked. You’ve heard it said that the devil is in the details, but for concrete shoring the success of your business depends on the details. You don’t get a do-over.

The Differences Quality Shoring Can Make

Substantial Shoring Equipment is Safer

High quality shoring equipment is safer. The loads that forms withstand from the poured concrete are incredible. Concrete weighs 150lbs per cubic foot. That is twice as much as a cubic foot of water. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of cubic feet and you have tons of weight. With the threat of all that weight breaking loose if shoring fails, quality and structure is of the utmost importance.

A broken shore could result in serious injury, not to mention cost of a worker’s comp claim. In order to make sure that shoring equipment doesn’t fail you must consider many factors such as rate of pour, concrete temperature, and weight of the concrete when you decide what shoring equipment you need. You don’t want form strength to be a question mark in the equation.

Concrete Shoring Equipment Requires Quality Forms

Great shoring only works as well as the forms it holds up.
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  • Forms details such as joint spacing, chamfer strips, or grade strips at corners or joints make for more productive work.
  • Openings for mechanical equipment and electrical conduit are often required.
  • Keyways, water stops, screeds, and crush plates for scraping off concrete are all important design considerations in forms as well.

If you have forms with these features coupled with great shoring to hold them up, you will be well on your way to having a trouble-free workday when the concrete is poured.

Concrete Shoring Gives You the Ability to Execute the Plan

Your project plan is presented to your prospective customers long before any building actually happens. This plan includes budget and timeline considerations.

Chances are that you were in a bidding war with other contractors to get the job. You went with as low a price as you thought would be profitable. So in looking at forms you might be tempted to cut corners. This is where high quality forms really come into play.

It’s the fact that you can’t afford a wall collapse because of subpar shoring that makes the bit of extra money spent for better forms worth the investment. Don’t cut costs on the most important part of your operation. Your company’s wellbeing depends on it.

There are a million ways to do the job wrong and only one way to do it right. Finding a good company to supply the right shoring equipment will get you started on this path. That’s were Forming America steps in. We rent shoring equipment, making sure that they are straight and up to spec before we send them back out. We will do whatever is necessary to keep our equipment in top condition, even re-welding forms and shoring so that you don’t have any headaches while using our equipment. We want our forms to help you execute the plan of keeping deadlines and budgets. We provide the framework for your success!


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