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Concrete Forms

Why You Need One Of These 8 Symons Concrete Forms Systems

If your construction job requires adaptability and the conservation of strength and labor, look no further than Symons Forms. It’s an extensive and versatile line of forming systems developed to create the concrete foundations of most construction projects.

Symons Forms range from pre-engineered cast-in-place systems to 100% custom factory-built products. They proudly offer a variety of options to meet whatever your needs may be.

Consider the benefits of the eight types of concrete forms systems below as you plan out your next major project:

1. Adjustable Columns Forms

This system is designed for square and rectangular columns up to 48” wide, and forms a variety of column dimensions using identical panels. This method minimizes equipment, provides versatility, and improves overall productivity for almost any civil or commercial concrete column. This adjustable all-steel form system has heavy-duty design, offers an astounding 295 column configurations, and provides an excellent concrete finish thanks to its heavier plate.

2. Aluminum Beam Gangs

If you need a strong, lightweight concrete forming system of beams and plywood for repetitive gangform applications, Aluminum Beam Gangs are your best option. Symons Aluminum Beam Gangs offer lightweight design, with an extremely high strength-to-weight forming system.

The system is relatively easy for crews to assemble, position, and align, thanks to unique beam attachment clips, sturdy aluminum beams and steel walers which create a rigid, compact, and lightweight structure.

The Aluminum Beam Gang system can be used for nearly any concrete forming application thanks to an eclectic line of accessories and transitions which allow for curved walls, pilasters, and corners. 

3. Flex-Form

The all-steel, Flex-Form system is designed specifically for round concrete tanks and curved walls. This design gives both strength and versatility, while conserving pieces, panel joints, and labor to assemble when constructed correctly.

The Flex-Form system utilizes flexible panel sections to shape and hold the form to the radius, a design that assures the correct shape every time. Since the steel-skin plates flex to form the desired arc, there’s no “chording” appearance in the poured concrete surface. This ensures smooth concrete surfaces that require practically no finishing.

4. Max-A-Form

The Max-A-Form STS Forming system provides superior pour pressure and moment capacities, which ultimately result in labor and material saved by the user. This system is the industry leader in rentable, self-spanning, steel framework.

The all-steel welded frame of Max-A-Form make it the ideal choice for gang forming tall structural walls, pouring tieless columns, and for supporting concrete over long spans of time without shoring or custom equipment.

5. Median Barrier and Parapet

Symons’ cast-in-place Median Barrier and Parapet forms are designed to conform to standard 32” high “Jersey style” contour, but are also offered in inverted casting and very productive rollover casting. Available in 5’ or 10’ standard lengths, these all-steel units can be furnished as an assembly or in component parts, depending on the job’s requirements.

6. Steel-Ply

Considered by many the most productive pre-engineered, factory-built, reusable concrete forming system currently in use, the Steel-Ply forming system can be used in handset or gang form applications to form walls of almost any shape or size.

Steel-Ply is more productive and economic than job-built lumber and plywood formwork, as it does not require measuring, sawing, drilling, or nailing. This system also requires minimal training, so workers are quickly up to maximum efficiency. This system is particularly flexible in is application, with consistent results, as the same basic components and methods are used.

7. Sym-Ply

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of many construction projects, Sym-Ply’s speed of assembly and versatility allow for an efficient and productive worksite. This system’s lightweight design allows for hand-ganging by two men, without the use of a crane, and is the only clamp system on the market with a direct attachment to Steel-Ply.

8. Steel Round Column

The all-steel design of Steel Round Column Forms provides labor-saving benefits and virtually eliminates the need for water and strongback requirements. The Steel Round Column Forms’ structurally welded frame and steel face provide a smooth finish for any job. This system is ideal for columns where repetition, multiple lifts and a smooth finish are required.

Whether your project demands one of the systems listed or a multitude of them, look no further than Forming America. We specialized in Symons concrete forms systems and accessories, and also handle other types and brands of equipment, including European crane set clamp forms, residential forms, heavy-duty shoring and scaffolding, and used plywood. Contact or call us today at 1-888-993-1304.

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