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How Robotics Are Playing A Crucial Role on The Jobsite

The implementation of robotics in the construction industry is a recent development, not without its resistance and hiccups. With the obvious benefit of efficiency brought by automation – which would certainly benefit jobsites with concrete form rentals – robotics certainly will play a crucial role in the future of construction. However, from 2005 to 2015, […]

Concrete Forms News

Pre-Fabricated and Modular Designs Are on The Rise

As a solution to the construction productivity conundrum, pre-fabricated and modular designs have seen a rise in popularity and media coverage over the past few years. Constructed offsite in a Lego-like fashion, modular buildings use lean manufacturing techniques to pre-fabricate buildings in deliverable sections, sometimes forgoing the traditional pouring and forming of concrete done onsite […]


5 Modern Concrete Materials To Keep an Eye On in 2019

Sweeping breakthroughs in technology throughout the past decade have affected anyone and everyone – especially in one of the biggest industries in the world: the construction industry. The unique blend of construction and technology has prompted innovation (even in concrete and concrete forming) on a greater scale. This is in hopes of bringing newer solutions […]


6 Innovations in Concrete for 2017

Concrete may be rigid and stiff once it cures, but concrete innovation is far from stagnant. Many new innovations are in the mix for 2017. Some of them are already being used in a widespread way in the construction industry, while others are just in the developing stages with promising practical applications to come down […]


Is 3D Printing the Future of Construction?

Many industries use 3D printing to make processes more efficient and better serve consumers. While 3D printing has gained popularity for prototyping and bringing a new product to market, the construction industry still has a long way to go until 3D printing is a viable option. The standard concrete forms for sale on the market […]


Emerging Trends in Concrete for 2017

Concrete continues to be a solid material for traditional building techniques. Yet, new trends are taking concrete to beyond its established abilities. As a result, concrete can do more with greater ease due to new technology. These trends can improve any project, and they’re something to keep in mind when looking for concrete forms for […]


Innovations in Concrete Forms: Are They Better?

The quest for the perfect concrete forming material continues. Most contractors would agree that if there is a better product out there, it makes good business sense to switch. The main concrete forming materials that have been used traditionally are metal and wood. Plastic and aluminum concrete forms are the new kids on the block. […]

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