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Emerging Trends in Concrete for 2017

Concrete continues to be a solid material for traditional building techniques. Yet, new trends are taking concrete to beyond its established abilities. As a result, concrete can do more with greater ease due to new technology. These trends can improve any project, and they’re something to keep in mind when looking for concrete forms for sale.

Decorative Concrete

Structurally, concrete provides a great foundation and support system, but decorative concrete takes its abilities to the next level. Blending structural soundness with aesthetic appeal combines two great abilities into one. This eliminates the need for material to be added to concrete for aesthetic appeal. Concrete countertops, floors, and flatwork are only limited by the ability of the formwork, often ending up with a surface that is many times more durable than alternatives.

Light-Transmitting Concrete

Light-transmitting concrete creates a unique ambiance in any project. Aggregates and resin in the concrete are both translucent to allow light transmission. Its translucent properties allow for thousands of strands of optical fibers to be set into the concrete and shine all around the translucent panels.

The green, earth-friendly aspect of this concrete is attractive as well. Buildings containing light-transmitting concrete can spend less on electric lighting because the concrete pulls its light source from sunlight. This means the concrete can also transmit heat through sunlight, making it an added benefit to buildings in colder climates.

Self-Consolidating Concrete

Regular concrete requires mechanical consolidation to effectively fill in gaps in formwork. Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) fills in the gaps and tight spaces without the need for added equipment or vibration. This turns out to be an important feature when a smooth, finished surface is needed in architectural settings where the concrete is exposed and viewable. These advanced designs require more reinforcement, giving SCC the advantage with its ability to easily fill in gaps around rebar.

As concrete grows more heavily reinforced and formwork increases in complexity, self-consolidating concrete allows for more predictable forming without the risk of honeycombing or other issues.

Finding Quality Formwork

Trends keep changing, but the one thing that stays constant is the need for good formwork. Forming America leads in providing top quality equipment and customer service with Steel Ply forms at competitive prices. We give several options that can help meet project deadlines and budgets. Our rental lineup gives flexibility while ensuring quality since we check and repair forms before they are sent out. Forming America also sells new and used forming equipment, and, because of our quality control, you can be assured that every piece of equipment is up to specifications.

Contact Forming America or give us a call at 1-888-993-1304 today to get the forms you need for any concrete project or design type.

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