How Construction Firms Are Continuing Work During the Pandemic

05 Jul 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

With the coronavirus bringing the nation to a halt, many companies have opted for working remotely and interacting with clients, co-workers, and other business personnel via virtual conference calls. The construction industry, including those which offer plywood for sale, however, has had no simple alternatives…

How to Reduce Building Information Modeling (BIM) Sharing Risks

16 Mar 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a type of software tool that lets construction crews create digital blueprints and models of a project. It lets them see exactly what the final product will look like, estimate the amount of materials—such as concrete wall forms—you’ll need, and…

2020 Forecast: The Rise in Construction Jobs and What to Expect

19 Feb 2020, Posted by F.A. in News

The construction industry is set to change for the better in 2020, as experts predict that jobs should increase despite the fact that the economy may still be in a bit of a slump. While you may not see much change in sourcing materials or…

The World’s Top 5 Most Expensive “Megaprojects”

08 Jan 2020, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Forms, News

While many construction companies have worked on fairly large projects, few have taken on the challenge of one of these so-called “megaprojects.” These projects are huge in scope and budget, with over a billion dollars going into each one. Megaprojects take place around the world,…

The Risky Path of Using Undocumented Workers

13 Dec 2019, Posted by F.A. in News

It’s not always easy to find people willing to work in the construction industry. While you may pay your workers very well, the job is still very physically demanding, and some people just don’t want to do that type of work. Whether you need help…

Adaptive Reuse: Unleashing a Building’s Potential

28 Aug 2019, Posted by F.A. in News

Many older buildings simply get demolished to make way for new construction but doing so isn’t always the best use of the existing structure. Some of these buildings have become historic landmarks or, at the very least, a fixture in their city or neighborhood. Tearing…

LEED™ Certification and Concrete: What You Need to Know

28 Aug 2019, Posted by F.A. in Concrete Facts, News

The United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED™) system is a way of rating a building’s overall environmental performance. The idea behind LEED™ is to encourage builders, contractors, and others to make use of sustainable designs and materials.  

6 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Construction Vendor

14 Aug 2019, Posted by F.A. in News

If you’re preparing to hire a construction vendor, you want to make certain you’re working with the best. You often rely on these vendors for more than basic concrete forms or other raw materials. You may need large or special orders, or perhaps new products…

America’s Border Wall: A Construction Timeline

24 Jul 2019, Posted by F.A. in News

The topic of an expansive border wall between the United States and Mexico has been highly debated – and well, divisive, for lack of a better word – in public circles since President Trump made the campaign promise of a Mexican-funded border wall in June…

How Robotics Are Playing A Crucial Role on The Jobsite

17 Jul 2019, Posted by F.A. in News

The implementation of robotics in the construction industry is a recent development, not without its resistance and hiccups. With the obvious benefit of efficiency brought by automation – which would certainly benefit jobsites with concrete form rentals – robotics certainly will play a crucial role…