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You Won’t Believe This – Mass Timber Building Currently Under Construction!

If you work for a construction firm or run a contracting business, you know how high the price of timber is right now. Even people who want to do a few projects around their house find themselves gawking at the price when looking for plywood for sale. It comes as no surprise to know that the pandemic has created a unique supply and demand situation, causing the supply of timber products to shrink while demand has steadily been increasing. While timber prices soar, developers turn to alternative solutions for building; among them is mass timber.

Mass timber projects around the world

Since the 19th century, wood has been relegated to residential and small commercial construction. With mass timber, however, that standard is likely to change. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, developers have plans to build a 25-story mass timber Ascent apartment building by the summer of 2022. This structure will provide eco-friendly 259 luxury apartments and will be the tallest timber building in the world. But Ascent won’t keep this title for long. The company, Atlassian, has plans to build a 40-story office space building in Sydney, Australia, by 2025. These projects have many architects and developers talking about the potentials that mass timber offers in construction. Many are hopeful for this material and other eco-friendly options to bring a sustainable recovery to construction from the pandemic.

Mass timber benefits

If you’re not familiar with mass timber, you may be wondering what the benefits are. Mass timber is stronger than wood as it uses different types of engineered wood and cross-laminated timber. Mass timber construction is known to last longer than traditional wood and is also considered an eco-friendly material. This is because mass timber removes carbon from the atmosphere, which is needed in cities and regions that have a high carbon footprint. The cost of building with mass timber is also significantly cheaper than using traditional wood, which is welcome news to those who have been burdened by the high lumber costs.

Challenges facing mass timber

This may be the first time you’ve heard of mass timber. The idea of building with a stronger material that’s also cost-effective while being sustainable should excite you. But mass timber still faces some challenges. Among these challenges is the supply of wood. The pandemic has put a strain on the supply of timber, which affects the amount of mass timber available. Building codes are also a hurtle as mass timber is made from wood and, therefore, considered a combustible material. Investments are also needed to make mass timber more accessible to construction markets. But given the toll COVID-19 has had on the economy, green infrastructure has taken a backseat for investors. Developers are hopeful that this won’t always be the case. As countries like Canada and the U.S. move forward in recovering from the pandemic, there will be more opportunities to invest.

President Biden’s $2 trillion climate plan focuses on renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure, which is good news to those working in these areas. It’s especially good news for those in construction who want to use renewable energy without paying higher expenses.

A trusted supplier for the materials you need

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