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Choosing the Right Concrete Form For My Construction Job

Choosing the right concrete form is an essential step in any significant construction project, as it typically requires 25% of the total budget. Ideally, formwork should allow for easy installation, while simultaneously qualifying as durable and versatile.

The most cost-effective approach to procuring formwork for your next job is pursuing concrete form rental from a reputable supplier.

An ideal choice of formwork for your next construction job could be Steel-Ply concrete form, as it’s made from a fortified steel frame. However, if you’re looking for a more economic option, plywood formwork is a viable approach. If you’re looking for something in-between, consider purchasing timber formwork.

Deciding which of these three options to go with depends on the qualities you are looking for in your formwork. Consider the following qualities of formwork as you decide which option you will go with in your next construction project.


Recommended Formwork: Timber

As you probably know, unexpected developments can arise during a project, requiring versatility in your formwork. Timber formwork, with its lightness, is an ideal option for a job requiring flexibility. Timber can be adjusted to accommodate major changes made to the project. Also, if your project is on the smaller side, timber typically proves most useful.


Recommended Formwork: Steel-Ply

It’s no secret that concrete is very heavy and takes on a mind of its own when weak formwork allows it to break free. Steel-Ply is thus ideal in situations where an especially durable formwork is required to take on a high-stress load capacity. Steel-Ply may cost a little more, but it ensures that your structure will be safely durable for quite some time.

Easy to Set Up

Recommended Formwork: Plywood

Formwork can be a hassle (and dangerous) to set up, depending on the type of formwork you choose for your job. Plywood formwork, on the other hand, utilizes resin-bonded sheets attached to timber frames to make up panels of various sizes. This style favors economy and an easy set-up over durability. If your project requires a quick and easy set-up, and isn’t bearing a heavy load, consider this option as you plan out your next job.

Partner with a Solid Supplier of Formwork

As you plan your next project, consider partnering with a solid supplier of formwork. This isn’t just about renting forms, it’s about finding a partner that can provide services such as jobsite delivery and pickup.

An ideal partner will help you think through what you need, offer extensive resources, and provide input which can save you a large amount of money on your next construction project.

As you consider your framework for your next construction project, don’t compromise; partner with Forming America. Our extensive rental fleet of Steel-Ply forming equipment makes sure you will have what you need for the job. We ensure the quality of every piece of rental equipment before we send it out, so contractors have the best equipment every time they do business with us. Give Forming America a call at 1-888-993-1304 or contact us to make your next project a success.

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