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The Importance of Waler Beams in Construction

The Importance of Waler Beams in Construction

Walers in construction are horizontal beams bolted to larger upright structures to provide support. Walers can be placed at various heights or angles along a structure for effective bolstering and weight distribution. Here’s everything you need to know about the importance of waler beams in construction and how Forming America can support your next construction project.

What Is a Waler in Construction, and How Does It Work?

A waler in construction is a horizontal member used to provide lateral support for a vertical wall or excavation. Waler beams are typically made of timber or steel and used along with tiebacks or struts to prevent the wall or excavation from collapsing. Walers help transfer the load to the shored sides, which makes the construction stable. A waler in construction is typically installed parallel to the wall or excavation with connections made through tiebacks or struts. The specific requirements of the construction project will help determine the most appropriate materials for the walers. Walers in construction are designed to withstand the forces exerted on them and to provide the necessary level of support for the project.

Where are Waler Beams Used?

Waler beams are used in a variety of construction projects and applications, including:

Trench Excavations

During a trench excavation, waler beams transfer the load of the excavation to the shored sides, which helps prevent the walls of the trench from collapsing.

Retaining Walls

Waler beams provide lateral support for retaining walls, which helps prevent the retaining wall from sliding or tipping over.


During the underpinning process for foundation walls or footings, waler beams are used to provide support by strengthening and stabilizing the existing foundations.


Waler beams are used in shoring construction projects to provide support for floors, ceilings, and other structural elements.

Slope Stabilization

Slopes and embankments may utilize waler beams to provide lateral support that will help prevent soil erosion and landslides.

Heavy Load Bearing Structures

Heavy load-bearing structures, like multi-story buildings, bridges, and other types of infrastructure, utilize waler beams to distribute the load over a large area and provide stability for the structure.

Types of Waler Beams

Waler beams used in construction vary in terms of the materials used, the way they are installed, and the load they are designed to support. Different types of waler beams will be used in construction depending on the specific project at hand. These are examples of four types of walers in construction and how they might be implemented:

Timber Walers

Timber walers are typically made of pressure-treated lumber and are primarily used in shoring and underpinning applications. Walers made of timber are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, which makes them a popular option with various construction projects.

Steel Walers

Steel walers are often made of steel beams or plates and are primarily used in heavy construction projects like excavations and retaining walls. Steel walers are stronger and more durable than timber walers, though they can also be more expensive.

Concrete Walers

Concrete walers are typically made of precast concrete and used in constructing permanent retaining walls and other types of heavy construction. Walers made of concrete are extremely durable and long-lasting, though they can also be more expensive to install.

Combination Walers

Combination walers in construction are a combination of timber or steel walers with additional reinforcement made of concrete or steel plates. Construction projects that include heavy loads or deep excavations may rely on combination walers to provide better support and stability.

The Importance of Waler Beams in Structural Support

Waler beams are an important component in construction projects because they play a crucial role in providing stability and support for various structures. Walers in construction play a crucial role in the structural integrity, stability, and load distribution of the construction project.


Waler beams in construction are used to prevent structural collapses and other potential safety hazards by providing lateral support for walls and other structures.

Load Distribution

A construction project will utilize waler beams in construction to help distribute the load of a structure over a larger area, which helps reduce the stress on various components and increases the overall structural stability.


Waler beams in construction will be made of materials that best work for the specific construction project at hand so they can accommodate various types of loads and soil conditions.

Ease of Installation

Construction projects depend on waler beams and component parts that can be easily installed and adjusted as necessary during the construction process.

Waler Ties & More Concrete Forming Accessories at Forming America

Waler beams and their components play a vital role in ensuring the structural integrity of various construction projects and structures. These essential components of many construction projects must be designed and installed by qualified professionals to ensure proper functioning. At Forming America, you can find various hardware accessories, including One Piece Waler Clamps, Z Tie Holders & Waler Ties, and J-Strongback Hooks & Strongback Ties. Forming America offers concrete shoring and forming equipment for sale and rental. Visit us online to learn more about our services and products.

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