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Why Should I Network With Construction Contractors?

Developing relationships and networking with other contractors is vital to the growth of your business. With many different trades in the construction industry, you will need to build a list of trusted contractors.

In building this list, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts when vetting contractors and when reaching out to them. No matter the contractor you need, you will want to prioritize networking with contractors before the process of buying supplies or searching for concrete forms for sale.

Here are some tips about the process of networking with contractors, and how to make your company more successful because of it.

Why Should You Network with Other Contractors?

Investing in new relationships with contractors opens the door to two key benefits: more customers and an improved reputation. Here’s how.

How Networking Generates Leads

For one, you can get more prospect leads that are much more likely to convert into sales. Being in a local pool of contractors opens you up to other clients, their needs, and suggests your company as a solution.

In every facet of life, people are more inclined to go with businesses that are recommended to them. In the construction field, being recommended by another contractor results in more leads, which turn into your customers.

Become an Industry Expert Through Networking

If an acquaintance is considered an expert in concrete forms and recommends your company for, say, waterproofing, you will also be perceived as an expert in that field. When one expert recommends another, potential clients will feel more confident in the work you provide.

Oftentimes, you’ll get inquiries for jobs that are not within your expertise. This is a great opportunity to network with other contractors by referring that client to the right company for the job. Sometimes you might look for ways to speed up payment from contractors that have some mutual connection.

It’s important to realize that networking is a two-way street. When a contractor you frequently recommend starts referring you for specialized work, this process benefits both businesses and ensures the customer gets the best quality work.

How to Find & Approach the Right Contractors for Networking

One thing you need to keep in mind is networking with the right type of contractors. It’s important to network with good, reputable contractors because they ultimately will make or break your reputation. If you wouldn’t hire a subpar contractor for a job of your own, save the client time and money by not referring that company.

The best place to find good contractors is through your own clients. When you see astounding work that another company did for your client, take note of them. In fact, oftentimes, satisfied customers will overflow with praise for previous contractors they’ve hired. This is a good sign of a contractor that you can trust, and more importantly, that you should work with.

You can also reverse engineer this process by approaching a prospective contractor and asking for references to jobs they’ve completed. If you already have a contractor that you know and trust, it’s worth asking them for the list of contractors that they recommend.

Once you have a list of potential contractors you’d like to work with, approaching them is easy. A detailed yet simple phone call where you explain your needs and how they can help is a great place to start. You can also email or contact them on social media. Sometimes you’ll run into a contractor in person, whether at a jobsite or at a concrete equipment company. These are all opportune moments to introduce yourself.

We Can Help with Materials

As you start networking with other contractors, you are bound to pick up more jobs. If you’re in need of concrete forming and shoring equipment, Forming America has everything that you need. Contact us today so we can help you and your network of contractors for the next project.

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