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Concrete Forms
Evolution of Formwork in Modern Construction

The Evolution of Formwork in Modern Construction

Concrete has made such a profound impact on the world of construction. Its widespread use can be attributed to a trifecta of qualities: incredible strength, remarkable versatility, and exceptional durability. These attributes have empowered architects and engineers to dream bigger, design bolder, and construct structures, making it a cornerstone of modern architecture. But what often […]

Concrete Forms
Choosing the Right Concrete Formwork Material

Choosing the Right Concrete Formwork Material

Formwork refers to the temporary or permanent molds used to contain and shape wet concrete until it hardens. In construction, the right formwork is crucial as it determines the final shape, alignment, and structure of the built piece. Similarly, selecting the appropriate formwork material is essential because it directly affects the project’s quality, safety, and […]

Concrete Forms
Advantages of Reusable Metal Concrete Forms

Advantages of Reusable Metal Concrete Forms: Sustainability & Efficiency

Reusable metal concrete forms have made a significant impact on the construction industry by providing a sustainable and efficient solution for concrete construction. These robust formwork systems are typically made from steel or aluminum and offer a wide range of benefits over the more traditional formwork methods. Their reusability, durability, and versatility have made metal […]

Concrete Forms

Different Types of Concrete Formwork Ties

Learn how to secure the correct concrete formwork ties for your concrete forming project. There are many different types of concrete formwork ties utilized across construction sites every day, and the right types of concrete formwork ties provide the safety standards and quality execution every project needs to be successful. Concrete forming projects require different […]

Concrete Forms

Why Are Schools Today So Expensive to Build?

There has been a significant upward trend in recent years related to building costs for schools. Rising costs are being impacted most by the construction industry, economy, labor force, and price of materials for things like concrete wall forms. By comparing square foot averages over the last 5 years, there’s been almost a quarter percentage […]

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