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Concrete Forms

Common Defects in Concrete Formwork Systems

Concrete formwork systems may face several deficiencies that can lead to structural weaknesses and disrupt work, or worse, injure workers. This article will look at some of the common defect found in concrete formwork systems: Formwork Defects Due To Imperfect Design And Construction Practice Any lacking in formwork design or construction can cause a defect. […]

Concrete Forms

4 Different Concrete Forms and Their Uses

Formwork is used by manufacturing molds made out of certain materials onto which concrete is poured. There are a number of different types of concrete forms for sale used in construction, and the method for choosing one usually relies on the project specifications. Sometimes asking few simple concrete questions can allow contractors to pick the […]

Concrete Facts Concrete Forms

The Secret Behind Ancient Roman Concrete

The modern world was built on the foundation of steel-reinforced concrete. For all its wonders, contemporary concrete isn’t as strong as its ancient Roman predecessor.   Roman concrete structures have stood the test of time, surviving harsh conditions for 2,000 years. Scientists have devoted research to understanding the unique composition of Roman concrete.   Their findings have revealed how an ancient civilization […]

Concrete Forms

5 Construction Estimate Mistakes That Could Cost You Big

One of the most important jobs in the construction field is the estimating position, because it requires you to be thorough and accurate with cost appraisals. These figures are challenging to calculate because of the sheer number of variables involved.   Providing an estimate that is too high will make your bid less competitive, while valuing too low can affect your profits. Additionally, estimates […]

Concrete Forms

How Concrete Pipes Could Reduce Hurricane Damage

Hurricane season is extremely stressful for homeowners, business owners, and city governments who reside on the nation’s coasts. The damage from this natural disaster can be devastating and very costly. Unfortunately, hurricanes are completely unpreventable, but there are ways to reduce the amount of damage to your area.  Similar to finding concrete forms for sale to reinforce your […]

Concrete Forms

Steel-Ply Forms vs. Block Forms

If you’re looking to take your concrete projects to new heights, it’s tricky to decide between steel-ply forms and block forms, sometimes known as block outs. The concrete structure your team builds is crucial to the project’s success, so you’ll need something that’s adaptable, efficient, and reliable. If you’ve started hunting for concrete forms for […]

Concrete Forms

Your Construction Equipment Rental Guide

Heavy equipment rentals, including concrete form rentals, are on the rise, and getting easier as technology progresses. Roughly 5,000 businesses make up the heavy equipment rental segment, and contractors continue to give them business in hopes of saving on cost and storage. Whether you’re looking for a scissor lift or concrete forms, renting can simplify […]

Concrete Forms

Concrete Forms Just Got Greener 

Second to water, concrete is the second most utilized material on the planet. In the U.S. alone, concrete forms for sale  make up a $37 billion industry that employs over 2 million workers. With 10 billion tons produced each year, concrete is a crucial resource that covers the world with buildings and roads. However, the cost […]

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