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Choosing the Right Concrete Form For My Construction Job

Choosing the right concrete form is an essential step in any significant construction project, as it typically requires 25% of the total budget. Ideally, formwork should allow for easy installation, while simultaneously qualifying as durable and versatile. The most cost-effective approach to procuring formwork for your next job is pursuing concrete form rental from a […]

Concrete Forms

Why You Need One Of These 8 Symons Concrete Forms Systems

If your construction job requires adaptability and the conservation of strength and labor, look no further than Symons Forms. It’s an extensive and versatile line of forming systems developed to create the concrete foundations of most construction projects. Symons Forms range from pre-engineered cast-in-place systems to 100% custom factory-built products. They proudly offer a variety […]

Concrete Forms News

Pre-Fabricated and Modular Designs Are on The Rise

As a solution to the construction productivity conundrum, pre-fabricated and modular designs have seen a rise in popularity and media coverage over the past few years. Constructed offsite in a Lego-like fashion, modular buildings use lean manufacturing techniques to pre-fabricate buildings in deliverable sections, sometimes forgoing the traditional pouring and forming of concrete done onsite […]

Concrete Forms

The Building Blocks of Today

As a pre-engineered, modular formwork system, Steel-Ply is highly durable and versatile. The Symons Forms system can be used to create virtually any design or type of concrete structure. Applied in commercial as well as residential structures, Steel-Ply is more economical than custom built plywood formwork, or other forming methods. Steel-Ply concrete forms can be […]

Concrete Forms

Replacing Concrete: Is It Even Necessary?

Concrete, a composite material comprising of aggregates, cement, and moisture has become an integral component of modern structural constructions. Having lent its strength in building formidable structures, from resilient Roman Colosseum of the past, to the sky touching Burj Khalifa today, its durability and flexibility propagate its use as a popular building material of choice. […]

Concrete Forms

Significance of Forms to the Construction Industry

Concrete is a flexible and durable building material lacking any characteristic shape in a wet state. Concrete Forms or formwork functions as a mold, casting it into specific dimensions. It also supports the concrete mixture until it cures and becomes self-supporting. With advancements in research and construction technology, concrete forms has evolved, from timber and wood […]

Concrete Forms

How to Estimate Concrete Costs

When building a home or supervising a workplace renovation, one thing is for certain – you’re going to need a lot of concrete at the worksite! Concrete purchase cost estimation entails much more than just including the price of concrete per meter. There are multiple variables at play, from surface preparation to reinforcement materials, all […]

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